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            KALA Snag a free wallet . Nui is company is in the business of Blockchain technology. Nui International is simply the international trading platform of our blockchain business . Nui blockchain coin, Kala, will be hitting the public exchanges in March. Kala coin has a PRIVATE network. That is extremely important  for companies don’t trust public networks with their data that can compromised by huge public entities . We have members in over 108 countries. Watch the video  about the Nui international blockchain business!

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Fun way to team coin collect has started… For this exciting info use the welcome form or call Fat Jerry … My Ping in

Welcome and SUCCESS2U Interneters

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. Arthur Ashe

Them old Divvee DUDES epitomize “SUCCESS jOURNEY” FAT JERRY

Grazia to the founders help “social Members” vision cheers Ohio Dude


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r network is a personal financial revolution for every charter member. Our revvolution suite of products allow you to make money when people in your network save.

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revvolution is the name given to our suite of exclusive products and offerings designed to help you make more money than you spend. revvolution will connect seamlessly to the revv card and the Member’s linked debit card. When the Member utilizes their card for purchases, they receive discounts and rewards as well as share in commissions generated from these activities. Other exciting products are being developed by r network that will work with your revv card and help in creating financial security for you and your loved ones.

Nui Nation hashpower

11 -13-2018 The new Nui Social membership hashpower Kala program is coming !Come back for hash power explained video … Kala ecosystem

Old Divvee review GO to latest Nui Social review

This blog has some very old info on HOW Nui Social evolved.!First, we say thanks and congrats to the Nui founders vision.Our opinion is from an internet marketing prospective.Look out for our new Nui review two ! Our new review will be here when Kala reaches Reach! #Kalablockchain #Coco

We want to let you know,we joined the Nui social membership network.
We are members who joined this new exciting social networking membership when it launched.We saw the launch of and the full vision of this dynamic vision ! Fat Jerry opinion blockchain enhances the original vision! Has it been a smooth ride ? Far from it! Is Nui done? Far from it!

Signal Fat JERRY for the skinny on this fun BLOCKCHAIN membership.. Engraving-18characters-limit success2all , the Fat Jerry team of independent Nui Social members and Mintage and Kala miners.  For information on Nui international products (non U.S.) click Nui international review .


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