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Welcome to global mobile social blockchain  blog ,any questions or comments are welcome here. The Fat Jerry Team is interested in your blockchain opinion. Do you own any cryptocurrecy ? What and why ? We appreciate your opinion “S” massively ! Thanks for the visit, and we wish you massive hashpower . #everythingblockchain

Nui Social blockchains opportunity

OCTOBER 8 2018 For years online average folks want to find an opportunity to make an income online.
Fat Jerry team’s visioned goal is to help “more than trying folks” do this. This is a home business dream we have had for several years. We think the original Divvee vision combined with blockchain technology makes this dream possible .*Fat Jerry Team opinion only -we like all the Nui Social new stuff.

Now, for folks that have no interest in the blockchain direction. Folks can also make “absolutely nothin” with this new Nui Social Model –

Please go to Nui company site for all current updates *

* Our last blog post will be “Kala hashrate program”

.. Go to company blog for new information for this exciting business….

We think folks can make this a fun working home biz with Nui ,Mintage mining and now a new product CompChain ! #optionalproducts #morefutureblockchainproducts
We can also make returns in Kala mining ! We members can make returns @ CORE .We have a fair Nui Social comp plan. ( from Free to Premier memberships) All products are optional. Folks can join free and see. Time is now to start a Nui education…

To the folks that want to build the Nui business,. The 10% Bonuses and the team build is for business builders .
This compensation plan is second to none in our opinion. But this is good blockchain education for folks that do not want to build.

To customers,Core is a fun way to earn with effort. For Core info GO HERE..
CompChain presentation with Keystone leaders

This blog will follow blockchain and the crypto currency industry. Nui Social has so much change! It is better to follow on the Nui BLOG. To see what is new with Nui go here !! #success2u

Blockchains can decentralize !

Signal The Fat Jerry Team for the skinny on new Nui ,… Start free ..

What is Core

50902117_10156929783974185_7143946401972486144_nRank & Share has become CORE. What is Core ? CORE is at the very center of how members @ Nui Social earn. It is the foundation of being able to earn points. It creates the opportunity to improve, gain and grow. Plus, it’s a perfect acronym. CORE stands for: Compensation On Real Efforts.(C.O.R.E.) The idea makes me smile to the core… CORE is a complete aggregation of ways to earn online. Downloading apps, taking surveys, and shopping online are all ways to currently earn, with more potential ways to be added as the Core site grows.  Core to Kala ..


Jackie Ulmer

I knew years ago that the Internet was going to provide the platform for anyone to make a significant income at home; whether to replace a job, or just provide extra income.

As a stay home mom, running an online business has allowed me to work a few hours a day, with my children right there beside me.

Now, with the Pure Leverage blog and other tools, I can show other moms and others how to do the same thing.

Imagine, a global business where the sun never sets on your income.

Joel Peterson

Not to long ago I was living paycheck to paycheck never having more than a few hundred bucks in my bank account at any given time.

Then I discovered the power of the Internet and tools like Blogs, Autoresponders, Video and Web Conferencing and I was able to triple my monthly income at my current job in just a few short months.

PureLeverage provides me the exact tools and opportunity to make this work and it's affordable for anyone to get started.

They truly are making a difference.

Mark Call

It's hard to believe how much my life has changed over the past few years because of the internet.

Having a tools suite and opportunity like Pure Leverage has DOUBLED my income in under 90 days.

Being able to teach others how to use these tools to generate an income is the biggest reward anyone can have.

It's amazing how many lives have been changed for the better because of Joel Therien's Pure Leverage!

The best part is ANYONE can do it!

Russell Brunson

To date in just a few short months working the PureLeverage system I have made over $80 000 part time! AMAZING!

Daegan Smith

I have been using the Pureleverage auto responder and lead capture system for months and it has by FAR the best deliverability of email out there! Thanks Joel!!

Mike Filsaime
Long Island

I send over 800 000 emails a day, many of them through the Pureleverage system.

My open rates and income rates are the best I have ever had!

Armando Montelongo

Joel introduced me to the PureLeverage way of marketing. Before it I did not make a dime online. Now I have made millions online alone!! Thank you Joel!

Terry Anglin

Every online business or online marketer needs this incredible pack of tools. If you are looking to ignite your business. Pure Leverage is your ticket!

O ya the Social engine that Pure leverage offers is brilliant! Communicating and working with the best in the industry is for sure worth its weight in gold! Thanks guys!

Fernanda Estrada
Mexico City

I hope I am the first to say that Pure Leverage is now in Mexico. I am sure this system will touch many countries.

Thanks guys from Mexico City

Jacek Dudzic

The commissions with PL are incredible. The tools are unmatched. I am getting ready to push this incredible offer through Europe.

I have never seen or have been part of something so powerful! Every new or advanced online marketer needs this system. They have made it so easy and highly profitable!

Steve Dawson
United Kingdom

Tools that blow away the competition, at a price point anyone can afford and INSANE commissions. Pure Leverage? 'Pure Genius' more like!

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Welcome ,opinions and comments are welcome and appreciated ,. Thanks & success2yinz
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