Are Your Habits Standing in your way ?

Change Your results by Changing your Habits

If You want to change how things are going for you, then you must begin by changing how you are. You have to eliminate your unproductive habits by replacing them with habits that are more conductive to your long time success.

ALL HABITS ARE EQUAL Good or Bad it is just as hard to break a good habit as it is to break a bad habit

For Example as my Mentor would say   it is just as hard for a veteran bodybuilder to break the habit of going to the gym every day as it is for the novice bodybuilder to get into the habit of going to the gym every day What keeps the novice bodybuilder going to the gym every day  is unimportant. It might be something major or it might be something minor. The key is that anything that keeps you from sticking to your Daily Method of Operation is going to affect how your business life turns out.

So what we need to do is start replacing the time wasting habits that we do and put in place some good habits by exposing our business more and the more we practice this the more permanent this will become in our D.M.O. Filling the pipelines of new prospects as the more coming in at the top of your funnel the more come out the bottom completing and getting set up to win

How we fill our pipe lines we need to get our capture pages seen in front of people who are dissatisfied with what is going on in there life whether work or business or there looking to increase there primary business using mailerninja is one way i fill my funnel by mailing all members or each safelist out there with a way for them to take the next step in increasing there business and giving them the tools to do this which we have with our 4Corners splash wizard GVO,Pureleverage and gotbackup want more residual traffic youreightsteps

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2 thoughts on “Are Your Habits Standing in your way ?

  1. This is great advice. It is much the same with anything in life, your habits do define you. I have seen the change in my life by just changing the small few things that I can, one at a time, until major change has taken place and I can hardly believe it seems so simple after a while. Everything is part of a process to either build or destroy, you have to make the choice of which one you are working towards. Great post! Keep them coming!

  2. Awesome post Chris! Totally agree, and to many people focus on the wrong habits everyday when trying to make an internet business successful, they get caught up in activities that really have nothing to do with helping them make more money.

    1. You are what you do daily.
    2. You first form your habits; then your habits form you.
    3. It’s just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure.

    Richard Weberg

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