Build Multiple-Streams of Income and Drive TRAFFIC To Your MAIN BUSINESS

If you are not promoting a system or funnel through your marketing you are making a big mistake, having a system to promote, with all the key pieces in place, leverages your time and your money. Trying to promote one thing at a time, is slow and does not pay very well. We see people all the time advertising a single Traffic Exchange or safelist…You do not want to market this way. You should be building your email list and promoting your favorite programs through a front end funnel or done for you system, this way you build referrals and commissions in many programs at once. YourEightSteps is set up to do exactly that, build massive amounts of residual traffic and commissions by promoting one link!

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Done for you income funnels for some of the most popular programs online, Empower Network, Pureleverage, YourEightSteps, complete with turnkey splash and squeeze pages that absolutely Rock!
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Green Label Has Just Been Released, the most powerful all-in-one wordpress solution ever put together, BUILD ANY EXISTING PROGRAM ONLINE, create and share content with your downline in minutes! There has never been such a powerful complete automated system creating platform like this…

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This is what is available to YourEightSteps Members …I told you we were going to rock this!!

Some cool ass pages all created with Green label for Youreightsteps members!!
Just will need to be a member of Green Label to use them, they are fully integrated, easy share style! Step 7 gives very easy instuctions to use them, this is going to totally explode!!

Plus you can create your own cool pages on the fly!! Nobody will touch this!
We have instructions for using these and creating your own in step 7.

log in here, or join if not already a member, and join Green Label Now in step 5 so you will be ready to use all new pages as soon as make them live, because we keep adding more..
Chris Elsom