Sat Live Webinar on the largest MLM launch of 2015! The HEAT IS ON

The largest MLM launch of 2015 and beyond is just
around the corner.
I know.. bold claim, so please hear me out. is the very first Unlimited Space
cloud backup service that will be paying 100% commissions!

This is coming at just the right time:

  • In 2011 only 7% of people were using online backup
  • In 2015 that is expected to be 36% by the end of the year!!

All of us at one time or another have lost:

  • financial records or documents
  • precious pictures and memories
  • had a personal compute crash or stolen

In the past… we have been used to using external hard drives.

But they are not reliable either, they can:

  • fail and are non redundant
  • their lifespan is 2 to 3 years
  • they too get lost or stolen
  • they are not AUTOMATED so people forget to backup


This opportunity is going to take the Network marketing community
and the world by storm!


Gotbackup is the first truly automated “set and forget for life” online
backup system that:

  • Provides Unlimited space to backup EVERYTHING
  • Set it up once backup automatically (forget about it after)
  • Access your files anytime and anywhere in the world. Even on
    your mobile device
  • Share your files or pictures instantly with anyone!
  • Fully redundant where we back your files up to multiple
    data centers!
  • Fully 256 bit encryption, as secure as your online banking!!

So look:

We are having a Pre Launch webinar this coming
Saturday February 7th 2015 at 11am Eastern.

On this webinar you will:

  • learn all about this amazing opportunity
  • if this opportunity is for you, you will be able to lock in before
    anyone else!! Before we go live!

Take two seconds and register now for the live webinar using the link below!

I will see you Saturday, February 7th 2015 at 11am Eastern!

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