The BEST way to go Setting up 4 corners

1. $18.00 one-time payment to Four Corners Alliance.
1a $5.45 monthly payment to fivedollarfunnel
2. $9.97 monthly for Splash Wizard. Or create the two pages for $11.94 one time cost. They host these pages for you.

3. $9.97 monthly for GVO Hostthenprofit, your autoresponder.
Of course you are at liberty to choose how much of this set up you use. However, I do recommend to use GVO /Pureleverage autoresponder and build your own list. You must have heard this a thousand times already: “the money is in the list”. Guess what? It’s true!

Best = upgrade in GVO members area to Pure leverage and then when your in Pure Leverage members area upgrade Gotbackup which now you have set up to WIN with the best business tools and system online for you to develop sustain and advance your business to get set up to be all automated also as you will have your Gotbackup you have covered yourself so you never lose any of your Biz info or Personal docs or photo again

Now what to do well the name of the game is to get exposure to your capture pages to build your list there are all different ways you can do this from free advertising and word of mouth to paid advertising whether its purchasing media add packs to doing mailings as a free member at safelists to upgrading to get a bigger mailing out to all members of safelist eg free can mail say min amount 500 people were as if upgraded and the site has a lot of members you can increase your mailing to 5000 or more at the click of your mouse button again communicate through Skype with me and i can share were im upgraded to get maximum effect and were i’m just free member you will find all the advertising you need on here or in the programs we recommend in youreightsteps

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