Fly With The Eagles Don’t Scratch With The Turkeys

T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More

Working within our team online and off Benefits you it lots of ways

As the programs we work are not only here to help you build a solid business online but also give you the tools that you need to do so, and when the company’s are structured in a way that it pays us to help build the team in depth under people they refer-sponsor in rather than just width this way the top recruiters and your sponsors we are always here to help you.

Build your downline team and get you successful results as the more success you have the better our sponsors do, so how do we do this well we always show and teach you how to build your list and set you up to WIN  don’t chase the money as you will be always BE chasing example if i have 2 breif cases 1 in my left hand with $50.000 of cash and in my right hand case there’s $50.000 worth of Skills which one would you take ?


Want to take the right hand case and learn the skill Read on

If you have Desire Determination Dedication to be teachable and learn the skills and practice those skills we teach you using the tools we provide you with through the businesses we promote then whether you have 5hrs a week or 40hrs its only time and your efforts stopping you from succeeding as were all on a level playing field

products = process = System =  Enviroment = Educating and learning those skills

Now as a lot of you know who communicate with me either through my blogs websites newsletters or social media we are currently building Four corners alliance group which is the perfect opportunity to team build as is a low entry point to get involved and self funds itself through our efforts to higher level within there Pay Plan and for the ones who have spoke over skype with me know  we have decided to add another program to our team building activity called 5 dollar funnel as this is again a low entry point and has good value educational products  also this has now been added in the downline builder for income programs in youreightsteps Which as you know i promote big time as it builds you residual traffic + 40+ income streams so for the ones who have not put there four corners username in and id in do it NOW before you forget if you have not signed up yet for 4corners or youreightsteps or fivefollarfunnel click on the links and get registered So the words out folks and its time to put the pedal to the metal as were running full Power ahead now so with that said And everyone of you reading this should be building your list, no questions asked, that is if you want to make money online…

Are YOU Ready To Fly The Same Flags And March At The Same Beat Of The DRUM

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Don’t Be Afraid To ASK you may think it silly but it’s Not YOU need the Answers

The Only Thing Silly about Questions Not Asked Is The Person Who Dont Ask It
If your setting up your funnel and need help please skype me i’m here to help you get set up for Success
the quicker we have you all set up the quicker you can start lifting the weights to build your business
also i have a good genius tech support to get the job done for people who would rather pay to get it all set up
if there busy working full time and got a hectic schedule then all you
got to do is get your advertising out free  and also paid advertising can get good results
we can point you in the right direction
Is a good place to start for free mailers also i have alot of promo codes if you drop me a message on skype were you can get anything from free credits to get you more exposure to free upgraded memberships as trials then is up to you wether you want to upgrade monthly or some do annual and lifetime upgrades
Another good source i Recommend  especially if you upgrade i recommend you doing either annual or life time here as you can not only get some awesome bonus advertising ( over $1000s ) but you get to develop monthly residual traffic and commissions which we know is the secret if there ever was one to develop your list and your income after all the more traffic exposure you get to your website squeeze capture pages the bigger your list and income will grow
Remember were all in a T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More
and if were all
flying the same flag
marching to the same beat of the drum
and singing from the same hymn sheet
Its Amazing What You Can ACHIEVE We can Move Mountains Together 🙂
i would like to welcome all the new members to the team and for those who are still wondering can i do it Yes if you can believe you can achieve with us
as you can see laid out before you we have all the systems in place for you to grow
Non Stop To The Top
skype  chris elsom ukhealth
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setting up your own funnel
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Chris Elsom