Don’t Believe Them

Don’t believe them who?

The Professional Dream Stealers

Those who say it’s to good to be true or your wasting your time or it will never happen or it won’t work out you know who they are because no matter who we are or were we come from we all no someone who we would call Nancey Negative or Joe Halfempty as i would call them now i’m not been Nasty when i say this but these are people are out there you know the ones who sit and watch tv from morning to night or just complain or when they see someone achieving or been successful they say they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or its their parents bought them that house or car

Its Your Turn To Live Your DREAMS and you can make everyone of them come TRUE if you are prepared to work on yourself and Stretch a little it each day if you are looking to build a business online or off line have a business already that you want to take to the next level by increasing business by 10% – 20% we have the Strategies Tactics and the TOOLS to make it happen i am here to help point  guide and direct you every step of your way as were in it together everything i do

i do to help my T.E.A.M =Together – EveryoneAchievesMore

Get yourself ready for the ride of your life make yourself a drink Find a quiet place with no distractions for only 6 minutes turn your speakers up or better still put your headset on if you have one and turn the volume up and then click here

As you have been reading this email or when you were listening to the video  i know some of you will of been thinking about an idea in the past the came back in your thoughts but for what ever reason at the time the timing wasn’t right for you

You did not follow through on it then a few months or years later someone else thought your idea and their they was achieving it it could of been a business idea or of you been a professional footballer or sports person you know what i mean

It’s Not Were You Are Today

But It’s What You Want To Become
Are You Ready To Make Your Dreams Become Reality

Dont let it be another what if or i should ov or could ov done that 🙂 as they Don’t Count what Counts is what we have are doing today to improve our self and income -Business


Just a System that works if you work it

Your Time Has Come

Click here and get yourself booked on this webinar

this evening 3rd Nov 8pm eastern standard time your journey begins

Ready To Take Control Now and set yourself up to WIN get registered now get your own link and invite all your friends on the webinar tonight or anyone who owns a cell/mobile phone laptop ipad computer and you can come out the blocks running

I look Forward to working with you

Non Stop To The Top

Chris Elsom

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Lying To Yourself

Some people spend all of there time getting ready instead of getting going .While others are out there telling there story how they got started and what their opportunity is about the other ones are still at home putting together plans and studying the marketing plan

Having a good plan to follow and being knowledgeable about your business is important but there is no substitute for  productivity.

Its easy to mistake motion for progress. Its easy to fake yourself out by staying busy all day long. The problem is  – busy doing what ??

There are a few questions you can ask yourself ON A DAILY BASIS WHERE’S THE PRODUCTION TODAY?

How many sales did you make today ? How many new people did you get in 4Corners,splashwizard,GVO,Pureleverage,Gotbackup,mailerninja and youreightsteps

How many people did you seriously talk to about your business TODAY?

It is not important how many people you talked to over the past week or month. What is important is what you did TODAY is going to determine your income next week next month, and next year.

You can LIE to other people about what you have been upto or when i call you can lie to me if you really want to However you cannot afford to LIE to yourself. You HAVE TO BE HONEST with yourself what you are doing and what you not doing.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves without even being aware of it when we are just spinning our wheels

This is knowledge i have being taught from my mentor over the last 23yrs

and yes i still have to check on myself as we all have life’s distractions

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Are Your Habits Standing in your way ?

Change Your results by Changing your Habits

If You want to change how things are going for you, then you must begin by changing how you are. You have to eliminate your unproductive habits by replacing them with habits that are more conductive to your long time success.

ALL HABITS ARE EQUAL Good or Bad it is just as hard to break a good habit as it is to break a bad habit

For Example as my Mentor would say   it is just as hard for a veteran bodybuilder to break the habit of going to the gym every day as it is for the novice bodybuilder to get into the habit of going to the gym every day What keeps the novice bodybuilder going to the gym every day  is unimportant. It might be something major or it might be something minor. The key is that anything that keeps you from sticking to your Daily Method of Operation is going to affect how your business life turns out.

So what we need to do is start replacing the time wasting habits that we do and put in place some good habits by exposing our business more and the more we practice this the more permanent this will become in our D.M.O. Filling the pipelines of new prospects as the more coming in at the top of your funnel the more come out the bottom completing and getting set up to win

How we fill our pipe lines we need to get our capture pages seen in front of people who are dissatisfied with what is going on in there life whether work or business or there looking to increase there primary business using mailerninja is one way i fill my funnel by mailing all members or each safelist out there with a way for them to take the next step in increasing there business and giving them the tools to do this which we have with our 4Corners splash wizard GVO,Pureleverage and gotbackup want more residual traffic youreightsteps

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K.I.S.S. Getting Started 4Corners + YourEightSteps

Keep It Simple Stupid

Duplicate and teach the steps to your new people

Welcome To The Team If Your Just Getting Started

What to do next  Its YOUR Turn

Not jumped off the Fence Now is your Chance

Follow the steps here

Need help getting set up to WIN

Contact me on

Skype ukhealth chriselsom

Build Residual Traffic

Dominate Your Market

Never Lose Docs or Photos again

The BEST way to go Setting up 4 corners

1. $18.00 one-time payment to Four Corners Alliance.
1a $5.45 monthly payment to fivedollarfunnel
2. $9.97 monthly for Splash Wizard. Or create the two pages for $11.94 one time cost. They host these pages for you.

3. $9.97 monthly for GVO Hostthenprofit, your autoresponder.
Of course you are at liberty to choose how much of this set up you use. However, I do recommend to use GVO /Pureleverage autoresponder and build your own list. You must have heard this a thousand times already: “the money is in the list”. Guess what? It’s true!

Best = upgrade in GVO members area to Pure leverage and then when your in Pure Leverage members area upgrade Gotbackup which now you have set up to WIN with the best business tools and system online for you to develop sustain and advance your business to get set up to be all automated also as you will have your Gotbackup you have covered yourself so you never lose any of your Biz info or Personal docs or photo again

Now what to do well the name of the game is to get exposure to your capture pages to build your list there are all different ways you can do this from free advertising and word of mouth to paid advertising whether its purchasing media add packs to doing mailings as a free member at safelists to upgrading to get a bigger mailing out to all members of safelist eg free can mail say min amount 500 people were as if upgraded and the site has a lot of members you can increase your mailing to 5000 or more at the click of your mouse button again communicate through Skype with me and i can share were im upgraded to get maximum effect and were i’m just free member you will find all the advertising you need on here or in the programs we recommend in youreightsteps

Communicate on skype with me

Fly With The Eagles Don’t Scratch With The Turkeys

T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More

Working within our team online and off Benefits you it lots of ways

As the programs we work are not only here to help you build a solid business online but also give you the tools that you need to do so, and when the company’s are structured in a way that it pays us to help build the team in depth under people they refer-sponsor in rather than just width this way the top recruiters and your sponsors we are always here to help you.

Build your downline team and get you successful results as the more success you have the better our sponsors do, so how do we do this well we always show and teach you how to build your list and set you up to WIN  don’t chase the money as you will be always BE chasing example if i have 2 breif cases 1 in my left hand with $50.000 of cash and in my right hand case there’s $50.000 worth of Skills which one would you take ?


Want to take the right hand case and learn the skill Read on

If you have Desire Determination Dedication to be teachable and learn the skills and practice those skills we teach you using the tools we provide you with through the businesses we promote then whether you have 5hrs a week or 40hrs its only time and your efforts stopping you from succeeding as were all on a level playing field

products = process = System =  Enviroment = Educating and learning those skills

Now as a lot of you know who communicate with me either through my blogs websites newsletters or social media we are currently building Four corners alliance group which is the perfect opportunity to team build as is a low entry point to get involved and self funds itself through our efforts to higher level within there Pay Plan and for the ones who have spoke over skype with me know  we have decided to add another program to our team building activity called 5 dollar funnel as this is again a low entry point and has good value educational products  also this has now been added in the downline builder for income programs in youreightsteps Which as you know i promote big time as it builds you residual traffic + 40+ income streams so for the ones who have not put there four corners username in and id in do it NOW before you forget if you have not signed up yet for 4corners or youreightsteps or fivefollarfunnel click on the links and get registered So the words out folks and its time to put the pedal to the metal as were running full Power ahead now so with that said And everyone of you reading this should be building your list, no questions asked, that is if you want to make money online…

Are YOU Ready To Fly The Same Flags And March At The Same Beat Of The DRUM

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Sat Live Webinar on the largest MLM launch of 2015! The HEAT IS ON

The largest MLM launch of 2015 and beyond is just
around the corner.
I know.. bold claim, so please hear me out. is the very first Unlimited Space
cloud backup service that will be paying 100% commissions!

This is coming at just the right time:

  • In 2011 only 7% of people were using online backup
  • In 2015 that is expected to be 36% by the end of the year!!

All of us at one time or another have lost:

  • financial records or documents
  • precious pictures and memories
  • had a personal compute crash or stolen

In the past… we have been used to using external hard drives.

But they are not reliable either, they can:

  • fail and are non redundant
  • their lifespan is 2 to 3 years
  • they too get lost or stolen
  • they are not AUTOMATED so people forget to backup


This opportunity is going to take the Network marketing community
and the world by storm!


Gotbackup is the first truly automated “set and forget for life” online
backup system that:

  • Provides Unlimited space to backup EVERYTHING
  • Set it up once backup automatically (forget about it after)
  • Access your files anytime and anywhere in the world. Even on
    your mobile device
  • Share your files or pictures instantly with anyone!
  • Fully redundant where we back your files up to multiple
    data centers!
  • Fully 256 bit encryption, as secure as your online banking!!

So look:

We are having a Pre Launch webinar this coming
Saturday February 7th 2015 at 11am Eastern.

On this webinar you will:

  • learn all about this amazing opportunity
  • if this opportunity is for you, you will be able to lock in before
    anyone else!! Before we go live!

Take two seconds and register now for the live webinar using the link below!

I will see you Saturday, February 7th 2015 at 11am Eastern!

Grab your Spot Now click here


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setting up your own funnel
Better Health Naturally

Don’t Be Afraid To ASK you may think it silly but it’s Not YOU need the Answers

The Only Thing Silly about Questions Not Asked Is The Person Who Dont Ask It
If your setting up your funnel and need help please skype me i’m here to help you get set up for Success
the quicker we have you all set up the quicker you can start lifting the weights to build your business
also i have a good genius tech support to get the job done for people who would rather pay to get it all set up
if there busy working full time and got a hectic schedule then all you
got to do is get your advertising out free  and also paid advertising can get good results
we can point you in the right direction
Is a good place to start for free mailers also i have alot of promo codes if you drop me a message on skype were you can get anything from free credits to get you more exposure to free upgraded memberships as trials then is up to you wether you want to upgrade monthly or some do annual and lifetime upgrades
Another good source i Recommend  especially if you upgrade i recommend you doing either annual or life time here as you can not only get some awesome bonus advertising ( over $1000s ) but you get to develop monthly residual traffic and commissions which we know is the secret if there ever was one to develop your list and your income after all the more traffic exposure you get to your website squeeze capture pages the bigger your list and income will grow
Remember were all in a T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More
and if were all
flying the same flag
marching to the same beat of the drum
and singing from the same hymn sheet
Its Amazing What You Can ACHIEVE We can Move Mountains Together 🙂
i would like to welcome all the new members to the team and for those who are still wondering can i do it Yes if you can believe you can achieve with us
as you can see laid out before you we have all the systems in place for you to grow
Non Stop To The Top
skype  chris elsom ukhealth
Get Paid to Backup your Most Valued Pics and Documents!!

setting up your own funnel
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Home Based Business Opportunity is going LIVE!!

Here are just a few of the reasons you want to get on this list:

  • In 2011 only 7% of people used online backup, today 24%
    are and by 2016, 36% of consumers are expected to be
    using cloud storage and backup.

  • this is the first company to offer 100% commissions on online backup

  • 14% of home computer users will lose data in the next year due to no
    fault of their own.

  • This is the very first true consumer product that every person needs
    who owns a mobile device like an iphone, ipad or android and/ or a
    home computer or laptop.

Listen.. I could go on and on on how HUGE this is going to be. At this
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