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In Four Corners, you can benefit from FIVE massive streams of income – here we explain Income Streams 1 and 2.


moneybagInstant Commissions are commissions earned when someone purchases any one of Product levels 1 to 6 and where you are the affiliate qualified to receive it. Looking at the diagram below, we can see the possible income available from members buying the products from you.

You earn commissions every time someone buys the next product in the series, relevant to how many levels above them you are positioned.

To maximize the income from an affiliates organization we’ve designed our pay plan to leverage income using a 4 by 6 forced matrix. It is a uni-level direct selling plan which generates commissions every time someone purchases a product. This gives the qualifying sponsor instant commissions which can add up to a VERY significant amount as increasing numbers of people purchase products of increasing value.

You are qualified to receive the commission if you already own that Product yourself. The most powerful aspect of this business is that you receive relevant commissions WHETHER OR NOT the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your downline structure from members above or below you, HELPING your downline grow!!

Product and Level Product Cost Commission Payout Per Person Number Of Affiliates Total Potential Earnings
1 $10.00 $4.00 4 $16.00
2 $10.00 $4.00 16 $64.00
3 $25.00 $10.00 64 $640.00
4 $60.00 $24.00 256 $6,144.00
5 $150.00 $60.00 1024 $61,440.00
6 $300.00 $120.00 4096 $491,520.00
$559,824.00 Total commission Payout

Here is another way of presenting the above information. You can see the Product Level and genealogy row where you earn income.



Now here’s where things get REALLY exciting. This is where the BIG income happens:

Now, the really big income is in the 100% match, there is UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL of $559,824 on every referral.


matching_commissionSponsor’s Matching Commissions on products sold take your earning to a whole new level as you receive unlimited matching commissions from your directly sponsored members EVERY TIME they receive commission from someone in THEIR downline.

Take a look at the figures above. Yes – every time a member you introduced to this business receives an instant commission from someone in their downline who purchases a product, YOU get paid a 100% match instantly.

Remember, you are qualified to receive the commission if you already have purchased that product yourself, and the person you are receiving a matching commission on is directly sponsored by you.

Of course, the member receiving the commission receives this irrespective of whether the member purchasing the product was introduced by them or they were added into their downline structure from members above or below them, thus helping their downline grow.

Do you see how powerful this is?

If they collect commissions from their entire Level 4 of over $6,144, you collect $6,144 instantly. Exactly the same happens in relation to every personally sponsored member and yes you get MULTIPLE 100% matching commissions instantly – because YOU introduced the person receiving the commission.

There is no requirement to introduce new affiliates, but naturally, those who do actively build their team reap the benefits of unlimited income potential by receiving a 100% matching commission on the commission their directly sponsored members receive.

But – We’re Not Done!

In addition to the first two types of commissions explained on this page, you are also able to earn from.

Why the Four Corners program has been so successful:

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