Better way to move FORWARD with 4 Corners

Better = $18s one off payment + 9.97pm + 9.99 pm get set up to operate online aswell as off line which means after joining 4 corners and you’ve sent your link to me go to our funnel page and join Splashwizard and GVO this means your now set up to clone or make your own capture pages which you can now link to GVO were not only can you host your own domain name like me having but you can start building your own list you’ve herd it before the money is in the list and as i always say People Momentum Volume = $s You start filling your pipeline funnel of advertising your capture page which then builds your own list which you drip feed information to your optin list which exposes your biz from setting up 4 corners to duplicating your funnel set up and all your income streams online also you need

Mail ninja for the easiest way for you to keep your D.M.O. and know what your doing every time you come to spend time building your biz whether 1hr a day to 12hrs a day but remember MASSIVE ACTION CREATES RESULTS little action creates casualties also join youreightsteps this will help you build residual traffic and incomes through that traffic

1. $18.00 one-time payment to Four Corners Alliance.

2. $9.97 monthly for Splash Wizard. Or create the two pages for $11.94 one time cost. They host these pages for you.

3. $9.97 monthly for GVO Hostthenprofit, your autoresponder.
Of course you are at liberty to choose how much of this set up you use. However, I do recommend to use GVO /Pureleverage autoresponder and build your own list. You must have heard this a thousand times already: “the money is in the list”. Guess what? It’s true!
Advertising Resources
** Click here for some traffic tips, that will help you build your list and Four Corners Income.**