Joel’s look back at 2014 and get ready for 2015

Had to share this with you in case you missed it

Despite the past year and a half being very profitable, it
has in all honesty been my most challenging both personally
and professionally. For the past 7 to 8 years the company
has gotten way bigger than just “me”.

It has gotten way bigger than even ten people, at this
moment we have approximately 100 people worldwide who
work for us full time and then another few part time.

As our company grew, there were small holes and cracks
in our companies foundation that when they started were
not a big deal but as we got bigger were issues that could
no longer be ignored.

That is why this was such a tough year for me! Yes we
were paying out millions of dollars in commissions.. but
from my deepest core I did not like my own company.

It is pretty hard on your ego when you take a step back
and say… man, we suck!!! Now I am not saying we sucked,
but it is how I felt inside relative to how good I know we
can be.

So for the past 20 months I stopped doing all promotions,
I stopped launching new things. As such we lost some
momentum as leaders will go on to promote other things
that “convert” to their email lists.

I understand and I get it. People need to go where the
excitement is, where the money can be made. A marketer
can only promote the same offer or opt in page before it
simply stops converting.

It was so hard, the marketer in me wanted to launch
new things, yet the very experienced business side in me
said NO, fix what is BROKEN first!

Now here is the good news!

I can say that we are finally fixed, and most of you can
see that in how much better our auto responder is now
delivering, how much more reliable our hosting has
become etc!!

So.. now..

We have two new HUGE launches just around the
corner for 2015, one is our very first true consumer
based product that you will love, and then soon after
is the long awaited launch of

This year will be exciting, we have the right people,
great products, and a solid foundation to finally hit 100
million per year!! I hope you are with me!! Because it
is going to be one heck of an amazing ride with you,
the GVO and family!

Now that I feel very comfortable about where we are
going it is time to turn our product driven company
into a true MLM company!! That is we have lacked on
Leadership and Recognition WAY too long!

So I am proud to say we have established our
PIN levels and Luxury Car Program
and it will begin
in the new year along with out new Consumer Based
Product Launch!

For more information please visit my blog here 🙂

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

 P.S. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
sticking with us! You are going to be blown away in 2015!