My Top Beach Vacation Points

V Kaluwasha, Visionary Entrepreneur

No matter what season it may be, taking a beach
vacation is both fun and relaxing. There are many
beaches all over the world to pick from.  You can
choose from a white sandy beach, lava rock beach,
secluded beach, or a popular beach – as the choice
is entirely up to you. I have done a research  and
found the most visited beach vacation spots in the world!
It is even cheaper if you have a vacation membership,
listed at the end of this article.1. Polo Beach – Hawaii
The Polo Beach of Hawaii is a sandy beach with
clear water, making it ideal for swimming and also
snorkeling.  It’s located in South Maui and fronted
by the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, which is a luxury
beach vacation resort.

2.  Seven Mile Beach – Jamaica
The Seven Mile Beach of Negril is the longest stretch
of white sand in Jamaica. Located near Negril on
the western tip of Jamaica, this beach is truly an
awesome sight to behold.  Here, you can find your
favorite stretch of the beach and coconut palm
tree and just relax near the ocean. You can also
stay at the Caves, which is located very close to
the vacation beach.

3.  Atlantis Paradise – Bahamas
Here, you can experience the white sandy beaches of
the Caribbean.  Atlantis Paradise gives you long
romantic walks on the beach or the chance to play
in the water at the resort.  This paradise offers
you tropical climate with your own personal slice
of heaven – something every beach lover will truly

4.  Heron Island – Australia
Located on the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island
beaches offer excellent swimming and snorkeling
with truly amazing marine life. The tropical
island of Heron offers scuba divers over 20
different diving sites.  You can forget the stress
of everyday life here and just immerse yourself in

5.  Madeira – Portugal
The beach here at Reid’s Palace Hotel is quite the
rocky beach, with sharp black rocks. You can spend
time lounging by the pool taking in the views, or
swimming in the ocean.  The weather here is
pleasant most of the time, making your beach vacation
something you’ll remember for a long time to come.

6.  Miami Beach
A great spot for movie stars and fashion models,
Miami Beach offers plenty of sandy beaches, several
restaurants, and night long parties at one of the
local nightclubs.  If you are looking for the
ideal place to stay, The Tides is a luxurious
hotel with many spectacular views. Miami Beach
is also popular in the United States – one of the
best beach vacations out there.
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Learn to craw before you start walking; a lesson for new marketers

I wanted to address a widespread issue we see in our industry with a lot of new

Part of the reason they struggle, is they’re trying to advance to a level they’re not yet
ready for. I was one of them 5 years ago. Thanks to MOBE for laying the foundation and imparting this knowledge!

Yes many try to be in fast gear hoping to earn money faster. This is a wrong and costly way to make money online…

Instead of trying to master one thing at a time, they try to master several things…

… and end up mastering none.

What levels am I talking about?

Well, there’s 3 of them:

1st Level: You start off as an affiliate marketer, sending traffic to an offer.

You need to find a high converting offer, like MTTB to promote.

You place ads targeting the right people, get clicks, and some of those people buy.

You get paid a commission.


2nd Level: You now start building your own email list.

That email list will become your greatest asset if you treat it right.

You create an opt-in page with a service like Viral Marketing for free

Now, you’re sending daily emails to your list, endorsing different products you
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My list (people like you) are interested in marketing online.

So I keep it relevant to that topic.

If you’re in some other niche (eg. fitness, etc) you’d keep make emails more about
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3rd Level: Only once you’ve completed the prior 2 levels, should you start to consider
Level 3.

This is where you start offering your own products, and building your own sales funnels.

The advantage here is you get much higher margins, and you’re positioning yourself as the expert / guru on your topic.

You get the most rewards at Level 3, but, it’s also a lot more complicated.

Building your own sales funnels for the first time is hard. And most who try to go it alone, don’t do that well.

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Greetings From ILN Co-Founder Vincent Ortega Jr,
I hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend!
Pictured below is my lady, my little one and myself…
Vincent Ortega Jr
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New Mobile/Social Marketing Revolution with 100% Commission

Hi  it’s Charles, and I’ll be very brief, but I thought that you’d find this information very helpful!

Marketing has taken on yet another new face – mobile – and according to Morgan Stanley, Mobile Marketing is the fastest growing industry in the history of the Internet.

It’s really no surprise. Today, consumers are becoming more dependent on, and active with, their mobile phones.  In fact, 96% of adults own cell phones – 37% of which are smart phones. With statistics like that, it’s only natural that businesses key in on the mobile marketing revolution that’s sweeping the Internet.

Mobile Marketing – by definition – is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. (Mobile Marketing Association)

To break it down into something easier to understand, Mobile Marketing brings your products or services to your customers or clients in a much faster way than traditional marketing methods. Even simpler yet: mobile marketing is any form of marketing that involves using a mobile phone to participate. It may take on the form of a text message promotion, email, social media outlets or even face-to-face interactions – all with one goal in mind: engaging the customer to take some type of action.

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