The 5 minute mogul

The 5 Minute Mogul Marketing System

Watch the video below it is really powerful stuff….

The 5 Minute Mogul is developed by Marketing sensation Kimball Roundy, Kimball has tweaked this system to be the easiest way to help you start, grow, and manage your online business with apparent ease. This 5 Minute state of the art Marketing online business system is the birth child of years of experience generating leads, building lists, converting referrals, adding to a unique Marketing Campaign.

Kimball Roundy the guy behind 5 Minute Mogul has not only built this completely “done-for-you” marketing system absolutely free, but the pricing strategies behind the system is that even if you never want to upgrade, you can become qualified to earn commissions on each of the levels. 5 Minute Mogul Compensation Plan

The first thing you notice about the 5 Minute Mogul is the fun way the system is set up, you follow the step by step instructions in a board game theme (have you played Monopoly) of how to build your online business successfully, this unique system gives you the ability to create multiple streams of income while teaching you how to duplicate the ready made systems for yourself.

Once you join the 5 Minute Mogul you will receive Apprentice membership. Then you have quite a few choices, you can upgrade to either Apprentice, Industrialist or Tycoon Partnership, resulting in a total of 37 income streams. The only Income stream you will have to part take in is the marketing tool suite Pure leverage.

Pure leverage is a unique marketing system in itself, it allows you to earn 100% residual commissions and while you are marketing your 5 Minute Mogul affiliate link, Pure Leverage is integrated into the capture pages so as soon as someone signs up to your capture page for an account with 5 Minute Mogul, they are automatically setup through your auto responder to receive pre written messages Kimball has designed for you.

5 Minute Mogul Income Streams

Most people hear the phrase “Income Streams” and think “oh here we go, how much is this going to cost”. With the 5 Minute Mogul upgrade simply means you are able to build up an amazing 37 streams of income, and you are also able to earn income in many different ways inside the system itself.

How does 5 Minute Mogul work

Right, lets say you upgraded to the Tycoon Partnership level. (highest available) That means that you will not pass up any sales in the system, because you are already qualified to receive all commissions in the system that take place throughout your infinity down line.

A lot of people won’t join a system because they are afraid of understanding the compensation plan, this is a ( huge mistake) please read on.

Lets say, someone 4 levels down from you purchases a Tycoon Partnership level and the referrer was not upgraded to the Tycoon Partnership level, that commission instantly gets passed up to the person that IS upgraded to that level. You

you will then  receive a $500 or $1000 commission and what happens next is a strategic email then gets sent out to every member (including the person that referred the new Tycoon Partnership member) and lets everyone in the upline know that a Tycoon Partnership sale has taken place and that they passed up a $500 or $1,000 sale to someone in their up line.

How would losing a commission like this make you feel, pretty damn sick right? this strategy alone sends a ripple effect, which would put additional sales your my pocket without any effort at all.

5 Minute Mogul Compensation Plan

Remember understanding the compensation plan is key.

There are 3 upgraded membership types, Apprentice, Industrialist and Tycoon Partnership.

Apprentice and Industrialist memberships earn a 50% residual income, but Tycoon Partnership members earn a whopping 90% residual income for every sale in your downline that is not qualified to receive that commission.

But, keep in mind, it really comes down to the question of whether or not you want to pass up 1 of those sales to your sponsor (or whomever is the next upgraded member in that level) or receive those sales on your own by actually taking action and upgrading your account so you don’t pass up those sales.

The 5 Minute Mogul makes online marketing simple. Join 5 Minute Mogul and you will soon find out how easy it is to manage your Online Marketing Campaign home based business.

What are you waiting for? Join 5 Minute Mogul and learn today. It’s FREE! Let us help you with your online Marketing Campaign. To sign up for an account please Click on the banner below.

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