TimTech gives up on Nerdbux

Nerdbux sold to Jeffrey Johnson

Things are changing for Nerdbux, and time will tell if it is for the worse or for the better. Some has already decided which direction things will go, based on previous experience with Nerdbux user jjohnson777, personally I have no prior history with him so I have a semiopen mind.. 🙂

Jeffrey Johnson is President and CEO of Cute Online Services, LLC.

Someone wrote that he runs one of the sites that offers $200 per click, and I really hope that is untrue. There is no $200 per click anywhere. Not now or ever. The text is nothing other than a big red sign shouting: SCAM

Still people sign up for sites offering large amounts for a single click..

With Jeffrey Johnson as admin of Nerdbux you might get your account back if you were banned by Nerdbux, like I was. Atleast he opens for this in the thread he has started over at EMS

Kyubey: let me guess: the people in banned for 0 reason club still banned for 0 reason?
jjohnson777: If they innocent and ask no.

How you are suppose to ask to get unbanned by Nerdbux has not been described yet.

Maybe I should ask just for fun. 🙂

If you recently paid money to Nerdbux you probably would like to know that their Paypal account has been limited now, and if you feel like trying to get your money back there is really no time to hesitate.

Timtech Nerdbux Paypal account is limited now

There is also a thread on EMS that dates back to 2011:

The truth about jjohnson777

The thread has a slightly different name and does not necessarily reflect how Jeffrey Johnson will be running Nerdbux. Atleast I really hope not.

We do however know how TimTech ran Nerdbux and how truthful they are.
If I was me, and I am.., I would let this affect how I perceived anything that TimTech people say in the future about anything.

Nerdbux is not a one person fail, it is a team fail. TimTech fail.

Timtech just can not be trusted about anything in any way, shape or form.

One thought on “TimTech gives up on Nerdbux

  1. You are right about not trusting Timtech , I will not get involved with anything they have their name on. NERDBUX is still on line, but I can’t even log into my account. I’ve sent two support tickets with no response. It looks like NERDBUX can’t use paypal, so they are only able to use one other payment method, I think it’s liberty reserve, but I am not sure. I have seen it posted on another page Johnson has that they are running a special on ads, and there are other people who can’t log in. They aren’t doing anything about it,. Why can’t they send people checks? They should do that since there are so many problems with them not being able to use paypal. Geeze, what a mess!

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