Which Blogging Platform should I Use?

Which Blogging Platform should I use?

That is usually the second question I hear when people are wanting to start a blog.




There are several pieces to the puzzle of How to Start a Blog and setting it up properly. For basics, there’s choosing a platform, choosing a hosting company, finding the right autoresponder/email company, choosing a domain name, and maybe a few other things to make your blog nice. It can be overwhelming when you are just starting out. But I’m going to try to make these steps very simple for you.


I remember, 5 years ago, I had no clue. Seems that the only platform I knew about was Blogger through google.  And if you remember from my last post, that is what my first blog was set up on.


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But then I learned about wordpress.com. WordPress seemed to be the rage (and still is) so I thought I should learn how to use it. Well, I absolutely hated it! I couldn’t get it to work right, it wouldn’t let me advertise at all, and it was very limited. I just couldn’t figure out why on earth anyone in their right mind would want to use it. So I abandoned it.


And then I learned about self-hosting and that gave me a whole new appreciation and understanding for wordpress. But that is for a whole nother post about hosting. 🙂

For today, I’ll help you wade through blogging platforms, pros and cons, and what I recommend. 

As you know by now, there are different types of blogging platforms.


1. There are free blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress.com. Bear in mind though that although they are free, you will not necessarily have full control over your blog. Plus, with free blogs that you aren’t self hosting, one day they could up and disappear. My first blog is on blogger here. I don’t blog much on it anymore. It was just to help me get my feet wet.


2.  There are the self-hosted blogs like on wordpress.org. (not to be confused with wordpress.com, which is confusing) This gives you a lot more freedom and the ability to do much more with your blog. Most of my blogs are done this way. If you “self-host” your blog, you need a hosting company. I’ll explain about hosting on another post. Then I’ll try to remember to link this post with that one.


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3. Then there are platforms that teach you everything about blogging and setting up a great blog from A – Z . An example of this is SBI (Site Build It) The instructions are set up into 10 days, although it will take you much longer than 10, more like 10 weeks or more to get your blog set up. You will learn tons but it is also very time intensive and technical. The cost is not bad though for such a full education. So if you want to do everything yourself and you have lots of time, this could be a good option, although you will need to be of strong substance so you won’t give up when it gets tedious.  I don’t have a blog through SBI for that very reason. I’ve never been able to get past day 3 or 4.


4. Then there is the “done for you” blogging platform. This has become my new favorite for several reasons. In fact, I’ll probably go into this one a little more because it is my favorite. pue leverage


  • The blog is set up for you so you don’t have to learn about hosting, finding an auto responder and setting it up, all the technical details that you would need to learn with other platforms.
  • It gives you the ease of Blogger, the freedom and solid platform as wordpress (because it is on wordpress)
  • It removes the challenge of choosing all the pieces to the puzzle that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.
  • It is Very cost effective! For only $24.95 a month you get the hosting, auto responder, professional blog, even a video email option, plus tons of great tutorials. There is even a Facebook community group of other bloggers using the same system that help each other out.
  • On top of all that, it even has an option to make an income through it as an affiliate program. I like that part.

It’s called  Pure Leverage. The team of bloggers is the Simple Money System. To learn more about it you can watch a video by clicking here. Since I also believe in affiliate income and I believe it’s important to keep good integrity by being up-front,  I’ll be honest with you. If you decide on this last option, I will earn an affiliate fee if you choose this option. 🙂


I hope this brief overview of some of the most popular blogging platforms has helped you get an idea of which platform is best for you.


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Be blessed and inspired!


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