(And What I Might Do Next…) Mike Dillard

(And What I Might Do Next…) Mike Dillard

Why I Left The Network Marketing Industry…

(And What I Might Do Next…)



Hello Mike,

I love MLM ever since I started in 1980. There is only one little

Fault with the existing model on the Internet. List building and the promotion of list building by guys like you.

I am not surprised that more and more MLMers are looking for others forms of keeping their passions going. Look at this business model and you will discover the secret. I sent it to Brian Bear days ago and he joined instantly.

I am 72 yrs young and I hate making lots of money for the sake of making money. I  keep growing younger because of my interest in looking for the perfect MLM.

KB claim they are not MLM but an E-Commerce MLM model.

Very close to MLM , so that is OK for me.

See why I and Brian Bear love Karatbar together with

100,000 others from 114 countries.


With the success you have had I am sure you will be able to base you New MLM type Biz.on Zero Attrition and 100% Retention.

I love MLM but hate hurting the people in my downline because as an affiliate I have no control on what the CEO of the company does or does not do.

I am delighted to see we have so much in common. MLM is good if only you can find a way like Karatbar have done to promote it in a New and Exciting way. Grams of Gold that we can carry in our pockets.

I loved your presentation and lead capture method. In fact I was so sure you were going to end with your Karatbar LINK.

Thanks Mike. Looking forward to hearing more.

I am hoping your Affiliate program will be 100% retention and Zero attrition like Karatbars.

Talk soon


Why I Left The Network Marketing Industry…

(And What I Might Do Next…)



Does He Have the Midas Touch? Methinks So… and His Track Record Proves It
Anybody who’s anybody and been in this industry for any length of time can’t deny the fact that Mike Dillard is a living legend. 
And for good reasons.
Just about every project he takes on turns to gold… from his direct sales days (way back in the days), to Magnetic Sponsoring, Better Networker, and The Elevation Group.
But more importantly… he’s mentored countless number of entrepreneurs many of whom you’d recognize as top leaders and earners today.
And now… Mr. Midas Touch himself is looking to coach and mentor many more and help build more businesses and success stories.
Will you be one of them?

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