Blogging or Posting new content to your site.

June 2014 Update.

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Blogging or Posting new content to your site.

The great thing about blogging or posting new content to your site regularly is that every time you do it, it creates a brand new page of your website, and these pages will live forever, or for as long as you keep your own website online.

In fact, I have posts I’ve made to my website that have been around over 10 years and will likely be online for 50 or more years from now, which still attract new visitors to me.

This is what you want to start doing now.

Pick a theme, and start posting new, interesting and/or helpful content in the form of simple posts, articles, videos or whatever your like doing and post regularly to your site.

Do this simple activity regularly and share some of your posts with people on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, and you’ll start attracting visitors to your site naturally. This will get links pointing back to your pages from other sites which is going to cause the search engines to pay attention to your site and list your pages!

It really is this easy and simple.

The important thing is to do it regularly.


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I Blogged until I discovered how to find the 1 team member per month needed to build a massive organization.

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