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Donald, sorry but this is AMAZING!!


Commissions Unstoppable!!

Truly I am sorry for so many emails about our Pre Enrollment but the sales conversions are just completely off the charts!!

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The commissions just keep on climbing and they wont stop!!

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Honestly… you are part of GVO because you are seeking opportunity!!

This is the biggest company I have ever put together!!


In just the past few days of the internal pre launch of we have generated over $64 000 in commissions!!

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Can you imagine if you got in first with Amway, Herbalife or GVO? I can only speak for us but GVO has made 7 millionaires with hundreds of others who have been collecting full time residual income with us for over a decade!!


Now is your chance with NowLifestyle! Get in at the top with me.

But god do NOT get in with me if:

[+] You think that only timing is needed. WRONG hard work and dedication are needed too! Timing does help a lot if you are willing to also put in the work.

[+] You are inclined to call MLM a scam because you didn’t make money by tomorrow… again work is needed.

I have been saving the best spots in NowLifestyle for GVO members because timing does help but it is not the end all be all..

Here is what I am looking for:

[+] Successful Network Marketers looking for a good home
[+] Positive energetic people with a great mindset
[+] People with great work ethic who want to work from home.
[+] People who understand their success is 100% dependent on their efforts and no one else’s.

If you truly poses these qualities then I welcome you to the team!!

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I am keeping the pre enrollment open for GVO leaders until this Wednesday. After that I am going public.


I have told NO ONE about the launch of except for you!!

Why? Because I want you as leadership at the very top of this opportunity with me. You get first movers advantage..

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–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & Pureleverage



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