First NowLifeStyle Facebook Meeting

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Donald, here is the webinar replay!


First NowLifeStyle Facebook Meeting

Here is the webinar replay. It was AWESOME, EPIC, AMAZING!!

Remember… if you pre enroll now yourself you can bring guests to this webinar and make a killing on commissions!!

[Pre Enroll right now and start making massive commissions!]

In just the past few days of the internal pre launch of we have generated over $63 000 in commissions!!

If you want in on these commissions which will soon be in the millions you need to take Massive Action Now!!

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Can you imagine if you got in first with Amway, Herbalife or GVO? I can only speak for us but GVO has made 7 millionaires with hundreds of others who have been collecting full time residual income with us for over a decade!!


Now is your chance with NowLifestyle! Get in at the top with me.

But god do NOT get in with me if:

[+] You think that only timing is needed. WRONG hard work and dedication are needed too! Timing does help a lot if you are willing to also put in the work.

[+] You are inclined to call MLM a scam because you didn’t make money by tomorrow… again work is needed.

I have been saving the best spots in NowLifestyle for GVO members because timing does help but it is not the end all be all..

Here is what I am looking for:

[+] Successful Network Marketers looking for a good home
[+] Positive energetic people with a great mindset
[+] People with great work ethic who want to work from home.
[+] People who understand their success is 100% dependent on their efforts and no one else’s.

If you truly poses these qualities then I welcome you to the team!!

[Pre Enroll risk FREE now with my 30 day money back guarantee before I go to the general public]

I am keeping the pre enrollment open for GVO leaders until this Wednesday. After that I am going public.


I have told NO ONE about the launch of except for you!!

Why? Because I want you as leadership at the very top of this opportunity with me. You get first movers advantage..

But come Wednesday I’ll be inviting others besides GVO members…

[Pre Enroll risk FREE now with my 30 day money back guarantee]

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & Pureleverage




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