Karatbars link up with Olympic Gold Medalist – See the video HERE

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Hi again,
              Not sure where to start there is so much going on! Just passed 3700 Customers and affiliate in our group yesterday!
What an amazing week of sales with over €15,000 in our group too! The fact that gold is on the rise means suddenly people are buying huge numbers of the 5 gram cards in particular.
Lets get started…
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Karatbars On TV 
For anyone who hasn’t seen the fantastic Karatbars Interview on TV click HERE
Karatbars Olympic Gold Medalist 
Karatbars link up with Olympic Gold Medalist  – See the video HERE
My New Presentation – Fast Start Guide  for 2015 
My “no links” presentation is available now to send to prospects at www.thismightbeofinterest.com   * I will be updating it every week or two from now on as lots happening. 
Remember – You don’t need to do any selling or support with Karatbars. Send people to that link and if they are interested my office will take over and register/train and support them.
Just give your prospects my contact details or give me their details and we will call them for you.**They must have watched the presentation first is the only condition to me calling them.
I’m a sales trainer so let me do all that, just send people to the presentation and let it do the work of selling.
Use it in conjunction with my 100 Squares To Success Plan attached and you can’t go wrong!
Karatbars are only five years into a ten year business plan and I am not sure people realise how big an opportunity exists here.  For 1. Customers to protect their income and for 2. Affiliates to make a wonderful income.
Why Karatbars? 
Karatbars is a solid business with 250,000 customers and affiliates in 123 countries. They have never missed a delivery or commission payment… How many other “so called Opportunities” can say that?
I have a list of 3500 online businesses that didn’t even make it through twelve months in 2014 yet people believe that “their opportunity/prelaunch”  etc will!
With Karatbars you can start today, sell a product today, earn today and be paid at any ATM next Friday…  That’s a real business.  
Contact me
If you are a Facebook person make sure to add me at www.facebook.com/bmcg3 , similarly my Skype, Whatsap, Viber etc details are all below.
2015 is going to be a massive year so why now join us and get
Karatbars 2015
Link for Forwarding to all downline>>http://www.pureleverage.com/donwins4free/?p=9701