New MLM 7minuteworkout Franchise “concept gym”

Hey ,

Yesterday I sent out an email about the new 7minuteworkout
franchise “concept gym”.. you can see the gym here

Well… it created a lot of excitement and a lot of questions

At this very moment I am in San Diego, so I promise early
next week I will be doing a webinar explaining in detail how
this new concept is going to EXPLODE your business 🙂

Below is the email I sent out yesterday 🙂

You know after running a company for over 15 years
I have learned to keep my mouth shut until things are


Are you ready to join a true movement?

Are you ready to make A LOT more money with
your 7minuteworkout business??

Like I mean a lot more??

I know I have not been at the forefront of 7minuteworkout

But it does NOT mean I have not been working on it 🙂

The next phase is going to be HUGE!!!

You see, my long term plan for 7minuteworkout has always been
both an offline and online model…

So we just finished our very first concept gym.


We will use this gym to..

>>Re shoot ALL videos


Not in 7 Minutes Workout yet? Check it out here.

>> Do live workout webcasts… this will be HUGE for your conversions!

>> All will be welcome.. smokers, non smokers.., skinny or overweight
it does not matter…

I don’t care if you have never worked out before!! This program will change
your health and your wealth!!

We are heading on a revolution to change the world!!

The questions is.. will you join me? I am humbled if you will!

Check out our concept gym here and be sure to leave me your comments…

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–Joel Therien
CEO & Evangelist 😀