Patience is a virtue. These videos are designed to test your patience.

Hi Donald,
We’re hosting a very important email marketing & video training webinar
tomorrow at 3pm eastern tomorrow and every Thursday.( If no more Accidents occur)lol
Remember to invite your prospects using your 7MW link!
More videos, a free auto-responder, & walk-through video tutorials are now available for you, & I’ll be giving them out tomorrow! ( Brian Bear)
Normally the 7MW training webinars are hosted on Thursdays but I was involved
in a car accident and am unable to get online today.
I hope to see you tomorrow!

Brian Bear
Don Gonsalves your upline sponsor says>>
Patience is the mother of virtue.
 These videos are designed to test your patience.
Test your patience and see if you can listen to these
one art a time until they are finished. Just like the one
of the Girl in her Bikini!!

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Patience is the mother of all virtues. These videos are designed to test your patience.

Please be patient and wait for each video to come to an end

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