Proper Job

Are you unemployed or fear unemployment?

 I was Unemployed in Jan 1980

when I joined and learned all about

N.etwork M.arketing.

 We were not allowed to advertise

to sponsor / recruit members in those days.

 During my word of mouth prospecting in the UK,

I was offered 3 jobs, which I turned down

to focus on my Multi Level Marketing  Business

 The moral of the story is if you are unemployed

and are looking for a proper job, join a Network Marketing

Opportunity, and you will find it very easy to find a “proper” job.

 I have three Opportunities you can join and investigate.

Join all these 3 for free. Use the same username for all 3.

You will be amazed how soon

you will be offered a job if you

happen to be unemployed. 

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