rhyker = Ernie Rhyker in my Stiforp Back office genealogy.

Ever since I discovered I could use these

two links directly into Facebook without being

blocked, my downline business is exploding as I

inform them of this new way to promote Stiforp.

See how I have built this business under Moriole

Davis in USA, who joined on 21st March 2014 ( Just 1 month ago)

44 members in his team by using my training and help.

Moriole Davis  joined Stiforp on 2014-03-21xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have you ever wondered how people with just
Copy and Paste Computer Skills can Multi -Task with several
MLM opportunities?

When you join make sure you see the name of the person

you join on the Top Right hand side of the website.

 Now You can  use this link below on Facebook.




or this one I made for all his downline every week as they joined.

using my Pure Leverage  blog.

Save and Book Mark this Link.


Save and Book Mark this link as well.