GetFitnRich Is My Username

GetFitnRich  is my Live, Love, Laugh

username because I had the vision


to see how easy it was to Get Fit and Rich with


and a meaningful username. 

Don Gonsalves, Kenya Harlequins Star Winger at age 20 to 25,
now a NowLifestyle, Rock Star
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–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
NowLifestyle .com

NOW LIFESTYLE ( Update 1 )

7minute workout logo

Just an update.. I landed back in Texas from Orlando.

Hi Donald,

I just got back from my trip in Orlando.. I wanted to let you know and reassure you I am back for good…

Fitness is my life and making a ton of money with you in fitness is even better!!!

After 32 years of training the 7minute style and coming 5th in world competition I know it works.. (And it is my life’s calling to make sure the whole world knows about it!)

Not only is 7minuteworkout the right way.. its the only way!!

I promised you nearly daily communication and that is what you will get!

Here is where we are at…

The new members area a showed you a few weeks back is nearly fully functional.

You can see the design of it here   <== Click (but not the functional side) ( Under Construction ) (Top Secret)

In case you missed my workout video with John Berger on Triceps, check it out below!

All you need is one working set to positive momentary muscular failure for maximum benefit!    <== Click

The re launch is very close… I am Super Excited!! Have a totally awesome weekend and I will be sure to do a video for you on Monday 🙂

Food For Thought for Ex- members.

The CEO, Devil You Know is Better than the hundreds of

Fake CEOs Angles you do not know on the Internet.

I am now promoting 7 mwo as a Family Business ( which it is)

and it is gaining momentum .

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