Bet You Never Saw A Downline Builder Like THIS!

Bet You Never Saw A Downline Builder Like THIS!

Don’s Zero Traffic and Zero Leads MLM Club (Secret MLM club)

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I earn a small passive commission daily, weekly and

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AAA = Alive And Active

ABNA = Alive But Not Active

At last I have discovered a way of converting

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AAA = Alive And Active

Bet You Never Saw A Downline Builder Like THIS!


Get a Life with donwins4free and GetFitnRich ( All Lives Matter )

How do Nobodies like me become Somebody with MLM?

Get a Life with donwins4free and GetFitnRich ( All Lives Matter )

Want The Freedom – to finally get paid what YOU are worth.

Want The Freedom – to change your financial future.

If you want The Freedom – what are you waiting for?

The clock is ticking. What are you waiting for?

I realized as early as 1980, when I was introduced

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All you had to decided is to GET A LIFE.
The answer my friends is My KISS plan.
Why is the #KISSPlan so Hard to Learn?

Because the MLM Business Links we all promote
are too long and complicated and even boring
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Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves


What is your next step?

The answer is understanding what MLM vision means.
What do you see when you join an MLM business?
Do you see what I first saw, 33+ yrs  ago (Jan 1980) when I first saw
the MLM concept, offline?
Do you see what I see when MLM went online.
Can I help you to see what I saw that will enable you
to use the KISS Plan to succeed?
I have searched Google for the last month and have not seen any one
do MLM like the way I do it.
I have teams of thousand and I always say MLM is Easy and Simple
if you use the KISS plan that appears so hard to learn.
List of MLM that I do from home.

Get a Life with donwins4free
GVO/HTP (For the EVP Tool)

Username is ( donwins4free )

My Links to Link up with me for your Success

Get a Life with donwins4free

PureLeverage ( For the Authority Blog)

Username for PL is (donwins4free)

7 Minute Workout ( For Fitness and Weight Loss)

Get a Life with FitnRichDon

My username is (FitnRichDon)


My wife’s username is ( GetFitnRich)


Stiforp ( For the Giant Rotator to help my massive downlines )

Get a Life with FitnRichDon2

Username for Stiforp is ( GetfitnRich2)

My Stiforp Links in 20 languages are in this blog,

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Karatbar.( To turn insecure paper money into small bits of Gold )

Username for KB is ( donwins4free)

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Get a Life with donwins4free and Karatbars.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves



GDI ( Just  my first and simple MLM on the Internet.)

Username = (GoanLifestyle)

Testimonials of profit Sharing Members

People I “associate” digitally in Google and Facebook are
Ginny Dye, Rich Devos, Don Failla,  Tom Big Al,

Joel Therien and Chris Reid and other like minded like millionaire
Mark Januszewski (The Laziest MLMer)