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Why are these pensioners celebrating? They are being Scammed.


Before you Start a Business let me ask you one question.

Have you Got Back Up for your data etc on your computer?

EVERYBODY, absolutely everybody with a computer should have a backup.

Why are these pensioners celebrating?, They are being Scammed

And offered very little for their hard earned savings.

Whose Fault is this? This is the fault of MLMers who are not

Working hard enough to spread the News about Gold that can be

Bought and sold in Grams

Although 4% is a little better than 2.8% It is still Day Light Robbery,

and very sad for the UK and anywhere in the world.

Why do the Banks have to keep so much of our profits.

When will they learn to share like MLM companies?

The Bond sellers are probably buying Gold Bullion with

The £10,000.00 from each customer. and making at least 20%

And all they are giving is 4% ???


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This would be a lot more than investing $10,000.00 for 3 yrs for 4%

This is Day Light Robbery.

Why are these pensioners celebrating? They are being Scammed.