Grams of Gold

Take care of the Grams of Gold and the ounces & kilos of Gold
will take care of them self. 
No Brainer attracting Gurus and VIP,Top Brains
This No Credit Card required Opportunity to
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No wonder struggling Gurus and people with
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You will be glad you did.

My personal sponsor from Ireland joined 44 months ago.
His one of payment has now worked out at
$39.00 per month for an Income of over $10,000.00
per month.
$10,000.00 per month is no Big deal for a Network Marketer,
in 2018.
I use to earn $15,000 per month in 1989, in Ireland / UK ,
with L’rome UK Ltd., when I was 38 yrs old , that is 38 yrs ago.!!
What are you waiting for?

People who joined at the Bronze Level, One time $132.00 at the same time

as Brian, i.e 44 months ago and making money weekly, are paying only $3.00 per month!!
if they are still on the Bronze Level. However, most of them have probably upgraded to VIP, by now.
 ( Food 4 Thought )
One payment for life works out a lot cheaper than monthly auto ship of $50.00 or more per month.
You can get the whole world in your hands, before you are 76 yrs,
old like #DonGonsalves, by using #Back2Basics #LLDMethod and #donsMIA
Cash Gold is here. Paper money is being replaced by wise Affiliate Network Marketers,
who are spreading the news and sharing this opportunity with all their friends and strangers.

Karatbars link up with Olympic Gold Medalist – See the video HERE

BMcG Consulting 
55 Ann Street, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim BT54 6AA
R.O.I Freephone: 1800 817 061 / N. Ireland Freephone: 0800 0988 331
Tel: 004428 2014 0004  / Mob: 00447511 650 427 
Hi again,
              Not sure where to start there is so much going on! Just passed 3700 Customers and affiliate in our group yesterday!
What an amazing week of sales with over €15,000 in our group too! The fact that gold is on the rise means suddenly people are buying huge numbers of the 5 gram cards in particular.
Lets get started…
Everything in this email can also be seen on my blog at Bookmark it as that’s where the information goes first.
Karatbars On TV 
For anyone who hasn’t seen the fantastic Karatbars Interview on TV click HERE
Karatbars Olympic Gold Medalist 
Karatbars link up with Olympic Gold Medalist  – See the video HERE
My New Presentation – Fast Start Guide  for 2015 
My “no links” presentation is available now to send to prospects at   * I will be updating it every week or two from now on as lots happening. 
Remember – You don’t need to do any selling or support with Karatbars. Send people to that link and if they are interested my office will take over and register/train and support them.
Just give your prospects my contact details or give me their details and we will call them for you.**They must have watched the presentation first is the only condition to me calling them.
I’m a sales trainer so let me do all that, just send people to the presentation and let it do the work of selling.
Use it in conjunction with my 100 Squares To Success Plan attached and you can’t go wrong!
Karatbars are only five years into a ten year business plan and I am not sure people realise how big an opportunity exists here.  For 1. Customers to protect their income and for 2. Affiliates to make a wonderful income.
Why Karatbars? 
Karatbars is a solid business with 250,000 customers and affiliates in 123 countries. They have never missed a delivery or commission payment… How many other “so called Opportunities” can say that?
I have a list of 3500 online businesses that didn’t even make it through twelve months in 2014 yet people believe that “their opportunity/prelaunch”  etc will!
With Karatbars you can start today, sell a product today, earn today and be paid at any ATM next Friday…  That’s a real business.  
Contact me
If you are a Facebook person make sure to add me at , similarly my Skype, Whatsap, Viber etc details are all below.
2015 is going to be a massive year so why now join us and get
Karatbars 2015
Link for Forwarding to all downline>>

Some of the most helpful Karatbars affiliates I know, personally are making €50,000+ per week!! Wow!!

Karatbars now $46 / €37 / £29 per gram, new price video and €50k per week earners!



  • Congratulations to Adinant who became 50th VIP Team member last week! Well done to him on starting his new VIP Business with Karatbars.
  • Upgraded to VIP after experiencing quick success
  • with his staring investment as Silver>>€288 silver
  • €1500 for a VIP Package
  • Some Karatbars affiliates I know personally are making €50,000+ per week from
  • A small but profitable investment with Zero overheads.( No Staff or stock etc)


Karatbars is a business, a franchise except without the huge capital needed to start one. I just had a look today and the average Franchise in the UK seems to be around £5000 – £20,000 plus ongoing fee’s.


Have a look yourself.

Karatbars gives you everything you need for a one off €99 bronze/ €288 silver / €620 gold or €1500 for a VIP Package. *Marketing materials, stock, website, brochures etc all included and nothing more to pay ever! No fee’s subscriptions or ongoing costs. 


No targets, just build as and when you want and earn commission on your sales. 

Karatbars is a business in a box, a business in a box that has been making me pure profit from the first month I started. 


Free training and support, weekly newsletter, video tutorials etc comes from my office which you can put your own value on!


Why choose Karatbars?


  • Everyone in the world knows what your product is!
  • No company will ever improve on 24 karat 999.9 gold so no life cycle!
  • 5 year old company with 200,000+ happy customers and affiliates
  • All deliveries with Fedex insured courier.
  • No one can beat Karatbars on price.
  • There is a monetary collapse coming and gold is already soaring in demand.



Let me talk about the last two points.


  1. I have made this short tutorial today which once and for all kills stone dead the notion that Karatbars are expensive.


Please watch it and share it with your customers


  1. In the entire history of mankind no paper money has ever survived. Every version of paper money that has ever existed has disappeared. The dollar, Euro and sterling are going to do the same.


If you think that sounds like fantasy then this short video will 100% change your mind. If you watch this you will NEVER look at paper money in the same way again.


Whether you are a Karatbars customer or affiliate or not I think you owe it to yourself to watch this –>

NOW do you understand why Karatbars is so important as a concept?

My advice is that you should get started with Karatbars now if you haven’t already.

It is nearly the start of 2015… If you want to be earning $10,000 per month by the end of the year I can show you how to do it.

You don’t need any skills except to be able to follow basic instructions. My eleven year old could build a Karatbars business the system is so simple. The reason people don’t succeed is that they give up after a week or two.



All you need to do is print off the price list and 100 Squares to Success guide attached and off you go.

Send prospects to and leave questions, training and support to me.




Guarantee your business is a success



If you bought a franchise from Subway you would do what Subway say and work it hard until it was successful.


Treat Karatbars in the same way and you will make more money than you ever could with any Subway or any franchise.

Some Karatbars affiliates I know personally are making €50,000+ per week and more and the affiliate program allows for two million euros per week. Someone will get there in the next five to ten years.


Contact me below with your target and I’ll show you how to get there…


Donald Gonsalves



Some  of the most helpful Karatbars affiliates I know, personally are making €50,000+ per week!! Wow!!

Hearts of Gold Karatbars Team.

Hearts of Gold Karatbars Team.
A Warm Welcome to our Hearts of Gold Karatbars Team.
Hearts of gold, because we sincerely want to help you the learn the Power
of helping the newest member in this Power leg E – Commerce Marketing
plan. All you have to do if you are full time employed in a job, is to try and
send prospects to these daily meetings. You do not have to explain the business
to anyone until you are earning at least $1000.00 per week.
These are your upline sponsors you may see at the meetings. Just say Hello to them
and me, when you come to some of these meetings. 14 every week.Meetings at 12 Noon Eastern and 9 PM Eastern Daily.

See the meeting links in your back office or in this video.
Here is a list of your upline who will be prepared to help
you with spillover.



If these people have a Rorator like the Stiforp Rotator

they may put all these links into the their Rotator like

I have just started to do. This will promote your link on

Automation as well.

Did Teaching New MLMers, how to Recruit instead

of Teaching them, how to Sponsor;

change the human heart and spirit of sharing?

Say hello to Don on Facebook

Ask me How To?




Please forward to all your downline, to save and learn to follow up.

Goa Fish Markets and Gold and Paper Money.

Goa Fish Markets and Gold and Paper Money.

Smart women in Goa. Turning Fish into Gold before

Karatbars found a way to do it on the Internet, with Cash Gold.

These Jewelers shop that surround the Panaji and Mapusa markets in Goa India

only exist to serve mainly the women who sell fish for very little paper money .

They have never trusted the Banks with their little paper money.


This lovely fish had to be sold very cheap, as there was no refrigeration

And the weather is hot. Cheap fish into bits of gold (Bit Gold)

Hundreds of Jewellery shops surrounding the Market.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves


White collar office workers use to laugh at these “fisher folks” for the

last 100 yrs. since paper money was created.

In the last 5 yrs. These women are now having the last laugh.

They have a lot more money than all the

Paper money that the Rich Merchants who took their paper money

And sold them the gold have in the bank..

See how these women who sell fish daily collect the paper money that they

Convert into small bits of broken Gold every day. They have

Done this ever since paper money was invented.

Mapusa Market which is just 20 minutes’ drive from

My ancestral home in the village.

I watch these pictures and videos in the United Kingdom often, so I can

Feel home sick, so I am forced to buy my air ticket

Every year.


Now you know why I have started converting my little paper money

savings into grams of gold on the Internet.

called Karatbars. Karatbars can be carried in your wallet

as currency. Denomination  of 1 gram, 2,5 grams and 5 grams.

Attached to Karatbar credit cards etc.

Like the fisher women have been seen stuffing into

Their “ top pockets” for the last 100 yrs. in Goa.

Mapusa Market which is just 20 minutes’ drive from

My ancestral home in the village.

My Silver Package was ordered only after

I had built a small team and was 3 deep in one of my legs.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves

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