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Fan Page System ..Making MLM Recruiting easy again



Skeptical > Skeptical Curious > Engaged > Fan > Customer

That is the psychological process every lead goes through when they first come to know about your great opportunity here at GVO.

Also remember this…

The definition if “Irresistible Influence” is having someone join us.. but more importantly having them believe it was their idea.

So I just put together a new affiliate URL that is very Facebook Friendly for advertising… it meets all their terms and conditions..

here it is:>>> http://www.joeltherien.com/?id=donwins4free

Please… do not blast that out.. not yet, I’m still testing tracking for you. But I do like to keep you in the loop…

So here is what I am about to do from now on with the Fan Page:

[+] Every post I do I will include a call to action to www.joeltherien.com

[+] Those that do well organically I will pay for advertising and boost it to hundreds of thousands and even millions of people..

[+] You can see that www.joeltherien.com really is just a dressed up lead capture page that adheres to Facebook ad guidelines!

[+] Those leads and sales will track to you!!

Think about the process as a new pair of eyes.

1. People see a post from the Fan Page in their Facebook News Feed for the very first time… “Its kind of cool… but they ignore it and keep scrolling..

2. After about 5 to 7 exposures in the news feed then they become Curious and visit the fan page from the News Feed. They might even like the post or make a comment.. After all they are positive posts and these people are “like minded”

3. After a few likes and comments on a few posts now they are engaged. Who is this Joel guy, who is GVO, what is this all about?

4. They finally visit www.joeltherien.com and see we offer free coaching.. if they opt in for the free coaching that is your lead, it tracks to you and goes into your Lead Capture System in your members area…

So please make sure you like the Fan Page System here too

And please DO NOT forget your daily core commitments as this is what makes the whole system work!!

1. Like and comment on 3 posts 3 times per day on the fan page
2. Like and comment on 3 posts 3 times a day in the Facebook Group

But again, I want to make sure you understand that people will not become your raving fan or a fan of us overnight.

Please remember… this is about being consistent with your daily core commitments for 60 to 90 days.. not for 1 or 2 🙂

Below is my original email… keep doing your Daily Core Commitments and keep mailing!!!

You ROCK Donald

You have 3 different opt in pages you can use:

> http://www.fanpagesystem.com/?id=donwins4free

> http://fanpagesystem.com/launch/1?id=donwins4free

> http://fanpagesystem.com/launch/2?id=donwins4free

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If you can like things and comment on Facebook you can
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Hey Donald,

If you have spent any amount of time in Network Marketing
You know that the hardest thing to find are

1. Leads
2. Sales
3. A duplicatable system..

Well that has now all changed…

If you like and comment on things on Facebook you can now
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–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & Pureleverage.com

P.S. Don’t forget there is great training on my Fan Page too!

Contact us
Global Virtual Opportunities
6701 Guada Coma Drive
Schertz Texas

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