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Plan for New Year 2020 and be ahead of the Rest
Urgent Update November 2019

Three types of Affiliate people businesses

1. Little Attrition ( Little Cancellations & Suspensions)
2. Lots of Attrition   ( Lots of Cancellations & Suspensions)
3. Zero Attrition ( No  Cancellations & Suspensions)
Best is Zero Attrition, because even Little Attrition business
end up as lots of attrition business, before they go out of business.
Best is
How to Target Potential Millionaires to work with & for you. 
Hello Karatbars downline members & Potential Karatbars members.

I continue to use the following successful Secondary businesses

to make & convert  easy to make paper money into Cash Gold & Gold backed Crypto.

2. N.owLifeStyle( GVO)
3. Host Then Profit ( GVO)
4. PureLeverage ( GVO)
5. GotBackup ( GVO)
7. S.tifor.p
8. B.ComeFree.Now
9. My.20Dollar.Travel.Biz
10. M.M.E
Ask for Info for any of the above Easy Paper Money Opportunities.
I do other low cost businesses to meet & help people
with my 35 + yrs. of M.L.M. experience & success to make
enough paper money to join my primary business which is Karatbars.
Why Karatbars?
I love my downline and it breaks my heart when they are forced
to quit, because of the company’s impatience & greed.
Karatbars is the only business I have seen that has Zero Attrition.
( No Cancellations, No Suspensions, No Quitters)
Everyone can stay as a member for life, which enables the sponsor & upline
to build a business under them, which will eventually motivate them to upgrade,
and use the potential of achieving guaranteed Financial Freedom.
Gold for Life.
July 4th 2019
Gold Independence Day
Your children and or grandchildren
will thank you for being part of the KaratBank Family.
You will be glad you spent some time listening to this video


Looking To Build Your Online Business? 
             **Why Not Partner With Me For 2019 / 2020**
Donald Gonsalves


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I Live,Love, Laugh daily with NLS & KB


Keep It Super Smart




Do some investigating and understand

what 76 yrs old Don Gonsalves is trying to

do for you and other like minded people

with his 35 yrs of unique MLM success and experience. 


Donald Gonsalves

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Top Brains,and even VIPs

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Congratulations to NLS and Karatbars.

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I ❤️you both.

If you are already a Karatbars member go to NowlifeStyle here




Easy Come Easy Go

Easy Come Easy Go

2016 was a great year in spite of losing thousands of dollars with MAP ( My Advertising Pays)

Losing Easy Money which I made with my 2by2 Spillover MLMs, opportunities

is a lot easier to swallow that losing hard earned money made from a 9 to 5 job or money borrowed

From the Bank.

However, my sponsor was millionaire Simon Stepsys who happens to be in my GVO, downline,

And made his millions from MAP.

I lost because I did not withdraw any of my investments which I made monthly for 30 months.

I was trying to accumulate 1000 ad packs so as to save $50,000.00 from MAP.

That is the bad news best forgotten.

My only regret is not investing half of the Easy Money I made over the last 32 months

in 2014/15/16;  into Secure Gold Money,

This would have easily covered the high losses I made in MAP.

New Year 2017 is here and I will definitely invest my Easy Money from my 2by2 NowLifeStyle ( Old 7MWO)

And 2by2 Stiforp and GVO/HTP and PureLeverage, into Karatbars each month.

All MAP, members who joined MAP to get lots of leads, who lost money but who are making

Easy Money with other MLMs should follow me.

You do not need leads for MLM.

Leads are only needed for direct selling business like e-bay, Click Bank,

or MLMs that pay just to 2 or 5 levels. Now Life Style pays to Infinity Levels,

Stiforp pays to 14 levels. Karatbars pays to Infinity Levels

Learn and teach this to one of your downline before you sponsor 2 .


To Make Easy Money from 2by2 NowLifestyle/ 7mwo

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To Make Easy Money from 2by2 Stiforp

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To make Easy Money from GVO /HTP/PureLeverage go here


Then like me invest this Easy Money into Secure Gold

See Why Gold>>

Everlasting Downline

Everlasting Downline with 99.9% Spillover Downline.

Build an Easy and Simple 2by2 Spillover

Income from Home, using Email Marketing and My Special Two

Marketing Plan.

Win Financial Freedom in 2017 with

Zero Traffic and Zero Leads and Zero Overheads

Email communication with just 2 like-minded

special partners is all you need to do to

win Financial Freedom with this New and

Exciting, Easy and Simple Zero Attrition,

and 100% Retention of all team members for life,

in this special, 2by2 Spillover Marketing Opportunity.

Email for free video link to learn

this #2BirdsinHand Plan is worth thousands of leads etc

in Facebook etc.

If it takes just 2 sign ups, first 2, and just

2 regular motivational follow ups with these

#SpecialTwo, how long

are you prepared to work to find these #SpecialTwo,

Remember unlike any other MLM etc all your downline will be your

team members for life even if they are Free and have not

understood the power of Karatbars yet.

Some will find their special two in 2 days.

Some will take 2 weeks.

Some may take as long as 2 months or even 2 yrs.

Makes no difference how long you take to find

your #SpecialTwo,

because you will receive

Spillover all the time and your  team will grow deep.

As you need just 2 to win, your sponsor and upline

who have found their #SpecialTwo will always be there for life, to help

you find your #SpecialTwo quickly.

Massive Motivation and Inspiration comes when

your Gold Money Line is growing deep.

With Zero Attrition and 100% Retention of your everlasting team members.

You do not need leads for MLM.

Leads are only needed for direct selling business like e-bay, Click Bank,

or MLMs that pay just to 2 or 5 levels. Now Life Style pays to Infinity Levels,

Stiforp pays to 14 levels. Karatbars pays to Infinity Levels

Learn and teach this to one of your downline before you sponsor 2 .



All these people were Free members of Karatbars

for, days, weeks, months and even years before investing

their paper money for cash gold.

Listen to get excited and be glad you joined Karatbars.

First listen to someone I know and meet, my Direct Sponsor and you’re up line

The Amazing Brian McGinty from Ireland

Karatbars New Premium and Professional Packages

Focus On Saving In Gold with Karatbars International 1-1-3


Premium Package contents & Cash gold

Karatbars International Premium and Premium Professional Packages Explained

God, Gold, & Financial Freedom…Are you Ready!

I have switched to building Kartbars like Brian has done,

using Email Marketing and Word of Mouth only.


Use Facebook only to meet and motivate and inspire your

spillover downline and to look for like minded people who

may send you their email address in FB chat.


Don Gonsalves


This blog link is sent by email only to my team members.

Please do not use in Facebook etc.

Use it to sponsor just 2 friends or relations or Family members.

Your Special Two






Discover how I can use my 2by2 Success to Give You Success

Success in 2by2 MLM can only achieved when you

learn to help your dowline succeed, so you can qualify for

the Massive Matching Bonuses daily.

You do not need leads for MLM.

Leads are only needed for direct selling business like e-bay, Click Bank,

or MLMs that pay just to 2 or 5 levels. Now Life Style pays to Infinity Levels,

Stiforp pays to 14 levels. Karatbars pays to Infinity Levels

Learn and teach this to one of your downline before you sponsor 2 .


Stiforp 2by2 to 14 Levels Deep


NowLifestyle 2by2 to Infinity Levels Deep.


Karatbars( Gold in Grams) 2by2 to Infinity Levels Deep.


NowLifestyle, to Infinity Levels deep

Stiforp 2by2 to 14 levels deep

Karatbars(Gold in Grams) 2by2 to Infinity Levels deep.

My GVO, Tools that all the Gurus and 6 figure income earners

have been using for 5 + yrs,

that I too use to help my downline team members




ONLY $1 first 7 days
then just



To see what I mean when I say to Give is a lot better than to Receive

with 2by2 MLMs.

Go here and see how I use my Rotator to give everyone sign ups and leads etc for Free.

Unbeatable Combination of Easy & Simple & Duplicatable 2by2 Spillover MLM – Jobs4Life-Biz4Life At long last I have launched my Free Secret Rotator without the fear of anyone except my downline Team members discovering the secret someday. If the first website link is too busy please go here =>

Time to Quit MLM or Join this Non MLM, better than MLM Business

Listening to Daegan Smith has made me glad I have joined


On The Next LIVE! “Money, Power, & Freedom” Show…
“How To Find And Eliminate Self Lmiting & Self Sabotaging Beliefs.

Last night’s “After Hours” show @ 9pm was killer.

It was raw, honest, and important if you’ve ever dealth with self doubt, a
loss of belief, or passion because of a setback in your business.

I gotta thank Jaime for showing up and having the balls to ask this…

“Daegan, my first business failed, and I’m like turning 30, and my
confidence is gone is gone in this game. Like the whole internet marketing
thing is just… I’m beaten down. Do you ever have to deal questioning
yourself? Questioning failure?”

From there, this is the frank conversation that ensued:

– Daegan “Ohh Yeah!” Smith

P.S. IMPORTANT – Replay @ Live Redo Of Chapter 3 Of”How To Create
Unstoppable Income” I’ll have a fully pro automated replay version available
for you next week as well as a redo webinar so we’re covered both ways…


Listening to Dagaen Smith will either make you

Quit MLM for life or try and build your Karatbars

Business if you are already in it.

Daegan Smith happens to be in my GVO downline ( Yes my >>Donald Gonsalve’s GVO downline.

For the last 3 yrs and I know everything he says is true.

He has personally sponsored over 1000 people on his first level of GVO

and nearly all of them have sponsored Zero people under themselves.

I go into my back office daily to check this out. Many quit  monthly.

He has made a fortune from these people and they have made Zero $’s

Now you know why I joined  Zero Attrition Karatbars and

why I promote  Member for Life Karatbars.

Listen to Daegan and Maximum Leverage, and see what I mean.

– At Least 61 Businesses Doing Over $50k+ Per Month And…
Four Doing Over $1,000,000 Per Month ALL Started Right Here Too…

At this point I’ve written over 10,000 emails and I don’t think I’ve ever
NOT had typos and grammar errors.

Good thing those things don’t matter when it comes to running a business
online. Please look past them. For some reason, I can’t help it.

300 New Jersey Ave NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC ,20001
United States



Now you know why I joined  Zero Attrition, No Monthly Fee,  Karatbars and

why I promote Member for Life, One payment for life, Karatbars.

Time to Quit MLM or Join this Non MLM, better than MLM Business.


To see other Opportunities go to the Top of this Blog
and click under contact us >>Previous or Next
Click on Marketing Tips by Donald ( BELOW) for my Secondary
Click on One Payment For Life in the Tags.

A Simple, Clever, Legitimate Way for EVERYONE

Important Note

Do not put your email address  on the e responders on the Right.

These are Tools to Build other Opportunities====>>Please ignore Video ==>


Why Karatbars?

Look at the alternative ways. The Good Old Days.

Food 4 Thought

The Hard Way. But what Motivated them to work so hard for Gold?

Why Karatbars?

“So when we started doing our due diligence for Karatbars

we got very excited when we checked a well-known online bullion dealer;

Bullion By Post and found their 1 gram gold cards were actually more

expensive than Karatbars – Bingo!

In our opinion the timing for Karatbars is perfect.

We simply need to show people the importance of building

their personal gold reserve to protect their future wealth.

And here’s the thing; nobody is SPENDING money, they are simply SAVING for the future,

and that my friends is the power of Karatbars!

When people get it, this business becomes extremely easy and fulfilling to promote.

See why Timing for earning with Profit Sharing Kararbars is perfect.

The British Government Way

Although 4% a little better than 2.8% but still day light robbery, and very sad for savers.

compared to what they could earn if only someone( Prime Minister)

can tell them about Karatbar.LOL


Inbox me for details for 5% to 20% monthly not yearly and paid every Friday.

Why Karatbars?One Time Affordable Payment for life “Franchise from Home”

Karatbars Consultant

Username : lion51heart
Karatbars ID : 91622133
Full Name : Gerard Kelderman


Left Team Persons:
Right Team Persons:
Left Team Units:
Right Team Units:
Pending Unilevel Payout:
Pending Dual Payout:
Dual Commission This Week:
Sales Price: per Gram
Buy Back Price: per Gram
Preferred Price: per Gram 

Karatbars Consultant

Username : lion51heart
Karatbars ID : 91622133
Full Name : Gerard Kelderman

A Simple, Clever, Legitimate Way for EVERYONE




Karatbars link up with Olympic Gold Medalist – See the video HERE

BMcG Consulting 
55 Ann Street, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim BT54 6AA
R.O.I Freephone: 1800 817 061 / N. Ireland Freephone: 0800 0988 331
Tel: 004428 2014 0004  / Mob: 00447511 650 427 
Hi again,
              Not sure where to start there is so much going on! Just passed 3700 Customers and affiliate in our group yesterday!
What an amazing week of sales with over €15,000 in our group too! The fact that gold is on the rise means suddenly people are buying huge numbers of the 5 gram cards in particular.
Lets get started…
Everything in this email can also be seen on my blog at Bookmark it as that’s where the information goes first.
Karatbars On TV 
For anyone who hasn’t seen the fantastic Karatbars Interview on TV click HERE
Karatbars Olympic Gold Medalist 
Karatbars link up with Olympic Gold Medalist  – See the video HERE
My New Presentation – Fast Start Guide  for 2015 
My “no links” presentation is available now to send to prospects at   * I will be updating it every week or two from now on as lots happening. 
Remember – You don’t need to do any selling or support with Karatbars. Send people to that link and if they are interested my office will take over and register/train and support them.
Just give your prospects my contact details or give me their details and we will call them for you.**They must have watched the presentation first is the only condition to me calling them.
I’m a sales trainer so let me do all that, just send people to the presentation and let it do the work of selling.
Use it in conjunction with my 100 Squares To Success Plan attached and you can’t go wrong!
Karatbars are only five years into a ten year business plan and I am not sure people realise how big an opportunity exists here.  For 1. Customers to protect their income and for 2. Affiliates to make a wonderful income.
Why Karatbars? 
Karatbars is a solid business with 250,000 customers and affiliates in 123 countries. They have never missed a delivery or commission payment… How many other “so called Opportunities” can say that?
I have a list of 3500 online businesses that didn’t even make it through twelve months in 2014 yet people believe that “their opportunity/prelaunch”  etc will!
With Karatbars you can start today, sell a product today, earn today and be paid at any ATM next Friday…  That’s a real business.  
Contact me
If you are a Facebook person make sure to add me at , similarly my Skype, Whatsap, Viber etc details are all below.
2015 is going to be a massive year so why now join us and get
Karatbars 2015
Link for Forwarding to all downline>>

Karatbars has now attracted over 200,000 customers and affiliates.

Karatbars has now attracted over 200,000 customers and affiliates and in a recent poll is in the top 100 direct sales companies in the world! With an unblemished 5 year histrory and great plans for the future there really is no better business to be involved in.

Start making money with karatbars in the next five minutes!



1.More detailed Information for free HERE
.You can join for Free and buy packages after building a team first.
Free and paid membership is for life. This means Zero Attrition and you will
never lose a downline.( Free or Paid)
2. Buy a package – Bronze €99,   Silver €279,  Gold €626,  VIP €1506 (With €100 Discount code)
It takes one minute to do you never ever have to pay anything else again! No monthly, yearly fee’s, no subscriptions, autoships or forced purchases.
Karatbars is NOT MLM – It is a direct sales company and you are buying a pack which will be delivered to your home by Fedex.
Test the water! Start at Bronze package for just €99, if you want to upgrade later you can simply pay the difference. I recommend silver as you get a gram of gold in it and it helps to have the product in your hand.
Once that package arrives in your hand you will only then “get it”
  To buy your package click HERE and pay by card or bank transfer. Really simple.
Just to clear up any confusion on points 3, 4 and 5 you do not have to buy gold to keep your account active. You never have to buy a gram of gold if you don’t want to.
Some Karatbars affiliates have been promoting a 12 week plan which tells you to buy 1 gram of gold every week.
That is just something some affiliates came up with for their own teams. Not Karatbars International.  Neither you as an affiliate or any of your customers have to buy anything ever. Buying gold is optional.
Its as simple as that, buy your package, get some people to watch my presentation and then when you start earning commissions you can start buying some gold. If you have the money to do both do both. The only thing you must do is buy the package to be able to get the units.
How much can you earn in Karatbars? 
Let me give you two examples… 1. If you join as a silver package member..  and 2 as VIP (Like me).
Karatbars Package
1. You buy your Silver Package, (€279), and it gives you 10% commission and €40 per cycle.
You sell 2 silver packages per week which makes you 2 x €27.90  and you get 2 x 20 units. (40)
In one month you have sold 8 packages making you €223.20 and 160 units.  This will give you 2 cycles so another 2 x €40 = €80

Total spend for month 1 = €279 , Total income is €303.20 


Most importantly you now have 8 affiliates in your group and you now earn a percentage of their sales in all future months! That is the power of Network Marketing!
Just 1 Cycle per day as a silver (75 units anywhere in your downline to infinity), will pay you €1200 per month
So you see it is simple…
If you want me to hold your hand and teach you daily I will. I can train anyone who wants the help and previous sales experience isn’t important.
2. Karatbars VIP – You buy your pack €1506 and you now earn 20% commission and €80 per cycle.
1 VIP per week is 20% of €1506 = €301.02  x 4 weeks is €1204.80  plus 400 units which is 5 cycles.  5 x €80 per week is €400

Total spend for month one is €1506 and Total income is €1604.80

Just 1 Cycle per day as a VIP will pay you €2400 per month. (30 x €80)
The important thing to remember is that your team of affiliates will start bringing in units too which you earn on to infinity. So after 6 months even if you sell no packages yourself you will still earn on the cycles being created by your team. And you don’t need to sell anything yourself! No autoships, no monthly fee’s or targets.
Zero Attrition makes a big difference between Success and Failure with MLM.
Sooner or later everyone will discover that it is Attrition
that is causing failure, even with MLMers who have built
Teams of thousands. Attrition is caused only in MLMs with
Monthly payments. Even yearly payments are not safe.
Why are so many high income earners and even millionaires
who are heavy recruiters beginning to struggle with their businesses?
Attrition. Caused only in Bizs with Monthly payments.
Hole in the bucket syndrome.
One payment for life is the way to go.
To learn more about how you earn with the cycles just watch this Karatbars Fast Start Guide Presentation.
Karatbars has now attracted over 200,000 customers and affiliates.>>