Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips
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Don Gonsalves


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The Gonsalves Method


The Lazy Man’s way to Financial Freedom.
100% Automated. Set up once for Life Time of Freedom
David vs Goliath
The two Hello Clubs that will Teach you how to Get Fit and Rich with the NowLifeStyle
Business from home Profit Sharing Opportunity.



I love M.L.M. and M.L.M. people.

First watch & listen to this video, which was unplayable,

because of the old EVP format.

See why I quit my Job

Now that my EVP Video, has been converted to a >>mp4 >>video
I hope it opens. This video if it opens will change your life.

My Make Life Meaningful, Diet

I have spent most of my life trying to Empower
people with little or even no money to work for themselves.
I discovered the Secret of Success in 1979
when I came to the United Kingdom from Kenya.
To cut a long story short I have made several videos 

and websites and blogs etc to help other people to

follow my journey to Financial Freedom.
I have done this because I love M..L..M.. and

M..L..M.. people, especially my M..L..M downline.

I have brought up my daughters

using the art of Positive Thinking
as taught by M.L.M. books.

Here is the result of my youngest daughter Aileen,

who was 10 yrs old when I started M.L.M.and she learned 

my daily Affirmation of Positive words & The Magic of Positive Thinking


Don Gonsalves


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See why I Never Gave Up M.L.M.

since I joined in 1979
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to see my journey that still goes on.
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Long way down.
Don Gonsalves

Hearts of Gold Karatbars Team.

Hearts of Gold Karatbars Team.
A Warm Welcome to our Hearts of Gold Karatbars Team.
Hearts of gold, because we sincerely want to help you the learn the Power
of helping the newest member in this Power leg E – Commerce Marketing
plan. All you have to do if you are full time employed in a job, is to try and
send prospects to these daily meetings. You do not have to explain the business
to anyone until you are earning at least $1000.00 per week.
These are your upline sponsors you may see at the meetings. Just say Hello to them
and me, when you come to some of these meetings. 14 every week.Meetings at 12 Noon Eastern and 9 PM Eastern Daily.

See the meeting links in your back office or in this video.
Here is a list of your upline who will be prepared to help
you with spillover.



If these people have a Rorator like the Stiforp Rotator

they may put all these links into the their Rotator like

I have just started to do. This will promote your link on

Automation as well.

Did Teaching New MLMers, how to Recruit instead

of Teaching them, how to Sponsor;

change the human heart and spirit of sharing?

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Please forward to all your downline, to save and learn to follow up.