Easy Come Easy Go

Easy Come Easy Go

2016 was a great year in spite of losing thousands of dollars with MAP ( My Advertising Pays)

Losing Easy Money which I made with my 2by2 Spillover MLMs, opportunities

is a lot easier to swallow that losing hard earned money made from a 9 to 5 job or money borrowed

From the Bank.

However, my sponsor was millionaire Simon Stepsys who happens to be in my GVO, downline,

And made his millions from MAP.

I lost because I did not withdraw any of my investments which I made monthly for 30 months.

I was trying to accumulate 1000 ad packs so as to save $50,000.00 from MAP.

That is the bad news best forgotten.


My only regret is not investing half of the Easy Money I made over the last 32 months

in 2014/15/16;  into Secure Gold Money,

This would have easily covered the high losses I made in MAP.

New Year 2017 is here and I will definitely invest my Easy Money from my 2by2 NowLifeStyle ( Old 7MWO)

And 2by2 Stiforp and GVO/HTP and PureLeverage, into Karatbars each month.

All MAP, members who joined MAP to get lots of leads, who lost money but who are making

Easy Money with other MLMs should follow me.

You do not need leads for MLM.

Leads are only needed for direct selling business like e-bay, Click Bank,

or MLMs that pay just to 2 or 5 levels. Now Life Style pays to Infinity Levels,

Stiforp pays to 14 levels. Karatbars pays to Infinity Levels

Learn and teach this to one of your downline before you sponsor 2 .


To Make Easy Money from 2by2 NowLifestyle/ 7mwo

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To Make Easy Money from 2by2 Stiforp

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To make Easy Money from GVO /HTP/PureLeverage go here

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Then like me invest this Easy Money into Secure Gold

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My Unique Tools to Help You and your Team in my GotBackup downline


GVO, PureLeverage, HTP,

Host Then Profit,MAP, My Advertising Pays,

GDI,Empower Network,Stiforp,

I have been waiting for months for today 15th Jan 15

I know many are not happy with GVO, PL and 7mwo

The perfect MLM model where a lot of people can make

A lot of money. Joel is the first to admit that he was not happy

With the massive Attrition rate of the above MLMs.

Joel has been attending many events of other MLM looking for a

Digital product to create the perfect MLM model.

I am sure he has done it at last with Gotbackup.

I am sure we can use our experience and creativeness

And the other GVO tools to achieve our original MLM dreams.






Best buy for the ( 5) Family GotBackups.= $12.99 (UK£8.50) for ( Customer only)


Is it going to be about $33.00 as a Reseller founder member? (Entrepreneurs)

13+20 = $33.00 = UK £21.00, Euro = 27.00

Do you agree that someone who works on the Internet daily will

Need to Backup to save their hard work ?

Let me teach you to make $40.00 within 30 days with the GotBackup

Profit Sharing MLM Opportunity, and you will go on to make $4000.00+

Per month within 12 months, after you have learned to make this product Free for

2 to 6 Active Team members you introduce to the business. Joel says 3 will make you Financially Free

And 6 will make you very Rich for life. I say 2 will make you Free, 4 will make you rich and 6 will make you a millionaire in waiting.

I made $15,000.00 per month with a $40.00 (Business in a Box) product in 1989,in the UK, with a product that Customers/Members used daily, so I know how to do it with a product that has a massive demand, and will be used daily for life, like GotBackup.


I am sure you have the vision to see this explode with almost

Zero Attrition in our downlines.



Join my team and I will use my 5 yrs. old GVO Tools, 9 yrs old GDI tools

my 1 yr., old MAP tools, my 3 yrs. Stiforp Tools, my 3 yrs. old Empower Network

and Pure Leverage Blogs tools and my 5 yrs. old Host and Profit Easy Video Producer

See>>donwins4free>>in Google to see my deliberately kept Simple but easy to duplicate EVP tool. ( KISS = Keep It Super Simple)

To help you build a Large Successful MLM organization within 4 months.

In addition I have Facebook to meet and promote your business.

Joel Therein is geared to handle 40,000+ members within the next 4 months.

List of Tools I use daily to build my downlines business within minutes

When you join my Team.

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

  1. GVO Tools>> http://donwins4free.gogvo.com/index2.php
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  5. GDI >>site>>http://www.website.ws/goanlifestyle
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  10. ALL THESE TOOLS FOR YOUR NETWORK FOR FREE  GVO,PureLeverage, HTP, Host Then Profit,MAP, My Advertising Pays,GDI,Empower Network,Stiforp,
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MAP is paying thousands of members, money every 20 minutes

MAP Update

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Now thanks to MAP ( My Advertising Pays ) every paying member

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