Everlasting Downline

Everlasting Downline with 99.9% Spillover Downline.

Build an Easy and Simple 2by2 Spillover

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Win Financial Freedom in 2017 with

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Email communication with just 2 like-minded

special partners is all you need to do to

win Financial Freedom with this New and

Exciting, Easy and Simple Zero Attrition,

and 100% Retention of all team members for life,

in this special, 2by2 Spillover Marketing Opportunity.

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this #2BirdsinHand Plan is worth thousands of leads etc

in Facebook etc.

If it takes just 2 sign ups, first 2, and just

2 regular motivational follow ups with these

#SpecialTwo, how long

are you prepared to work to find these #SpecialTwo,

Remember unlike any other MLM etc all your downline will be your

team members for life even if they are Free and have not

understood the power of Karatbars yet.

Some will find their special two in 2 days.

Some will take 2 weeks.

Some may take as long as 2 months or even 2 yrs.

Makes no difference how long you take to find

your #SpecialTwo,

because you will receive

Spillover all the time and your  team will grow deep.

As you need just 2 to win, your sponsor and upline

who have found their #SpecialTwo will always be there for life, to help

you find your #SpecialTwo quickly.

Massive Motivation and Inspiration comes when

your Gold Money Line is growing deep.

With Zero Attrition and 100% Retention of your everlasting team members.

You do not need leads for MLM.

Leads are only needed for direct selling business like e-bay, Click Bank,

or MLMs that pay just to 2 or 5 levels. Now Life Style pays to Infinity Levels,

Stiforp pays to 14 levels. Karatbars pays to Infinity Levels

Learn and teach this to one of your downline before you sponsor 2 .



All these people were Free members of Karatbars

for, days, weeks, months and even years before investing

their paper money for cash gold.

Listen to get excited and be glad you joined Karatbars.

First listen to someone I know and meet, my Direct Sponsor and you’re up line

The Amazing Brian McGinty from Ireland

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Premium Package contents & Cash gold


Karatbars International Premium and Premium Professional Packages Explained


God, Gold, & Financial Freedom…Are you Ready!


I have switched to building Kartbars like Brian has done,

using Email Marketing and Word of Mouth only.


Use Facebook only to meet and motivate and inspire your

spillover downline and to look for like minded people who

may send you their email address in FB chat.


Don Gonsalves


This blog link is sent by email only to my team members.

Please do not use in Facebook etc.

Use it to sponsor just 2 friends or relations or Family members.

Your Special Two