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STIFORP is Breaking Records!

Below is a list of our Top 100 leaders since our pre-launch on July 20th, 2011 and the number of personally enrolled members that have joined their teams.

Congratulations to all of top leaders and their teams for setting the pace and making STIFORP the most powerful and duplicatable home based business opportunity in the industry.


Leader Board Stiforp Names of My downline Team members on the leader board.( Team of Don Gonsalves )
United Kingdom and Face Book

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

Month of April 2014 (Only top 50 listed) as of 3rd day of this month.

18  Felisa Davis 1
23  Toni Toni 1
34  Flavio Rubechini 1

Links that have enabled them to enjoy this success.

Felisha Davis


Toni Toni


Flavio Rubechini

Flavio93 in English

Flavio93 in Italian

Total since the Start of Stiforp 2011(Only Top 100 Listed)

76  Octa Rendra ★★★★★ 123



Links that have enabled them to enjoy this success.

Prelaunch link in English


Prelaunch in Indonesian.

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