The 30 day Stiforp 4 by4 Relay Challenge

The 30 day Stiforp 4 by 4 Relay Challenge

30 days is more than enough to build

And explode any “New Team” within 

your 2by2 MLM Matrix business.

 My focus for 30 days in April is going to be

exploding one of my Stiforp  New USA Teams.

The Goal is very simple and forces Team Work.

All each member in the team has to try to do is

to go 3 deep so they have 4 members to create a winning 4by4

and pass the Batton 3 times.

Relay team.

If you already got your relay team of then you must

Help the last person or persons in your team to go  3 deep so they have 4 relay Team members before the end of April 2014.

Pass the baton 3 times to go 3 DEEP

Go Deep to Reap in 30 days in April 2014.