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Hey Donald,

Today is the final day to get your tickets at $67.00
the price will go to $97.00 or even $147.00 at
midnight tonight!

Get your tickets now before the price goes up!!

The price increases tonight Monday February 10th at midnight Eastern!

Below is the email I sent a few days ago..

This coming Monday February 10th the price of the tickets
for our event will go from our “Early Bird” special of $67.00
and will jump up to the regular price of $147.00

Don’t be stubborn like I was when I got started online.. to be
brutally honest don’t be as stupid as I was when I first started..

When I first got online for some insane reason I had the
very naive attitude that NO ONE can teach me anything..

My thought process was “They just want my money”..

OMG I was so dumb… I spent the first two years of my online
venture BROKE and going NO WHERE!

Then in the year 2000, Mike Filsaime invited me to one of his
events.. I still didn’t want to go but I felt compelled to go because
Mike was a great friend and client.. (and still is today)

And so I went to his event in Long Island.. at a cost of $497.00
per ticket.

Donald.. my business changed in an instant..


I got to an event where people understood what I was trying
to accomplish online.. and even better yet, they had the same
mindset as me ..

Unlike friends back home who called ma a fool, an idiot..
“MLM is  a scam they said”

At the event..

Things were so different.. I met with people who loved MLM as
Much as I did.. I met with people who had 10 times the experience
I did in MLM.. and what I learned from them was worth..

>>the ticket price of $497.00
>> the plane fair of $997.00
>> the hotel fair of $197.00 per night..

Was it a stretch for me? SURE WAS!!!


Looking back I truly THANK GOD that I went.. from there..

>> Stephen Pierce joined my team
>> Jeff Johnson did too
>> Michael Cheney did..

and countless others…

After just meeting Michael Cheney a week after the
event (because we hit it off) Mike brought in 400 clients
in one day!!!!


Just that one fact alone.. IMAGINE losing 400 clients because
I was too stupid to get on a plane and go to Long Island.

Here is a well known fact for people who go to alot of events..

You WILL learn a ton… BUT.. the relationships and the “business”
is made in the lobby..

Truth is.. EVENTS change EVERYTHING

I know, like you, I didn’t believe it at all.. “They just want my money”


I sure don’t, what I want is for you to change your life by being

And YES.. you will change your life..

I don’t want your money.. I want your success and that is why
tickets are only $67.00 (that does not even come close to covering
the cost of the room rental for the event)

I want you to succeed! And I’ll say it again!


Why do you think so many “gurus” go to events?

Because at every event they meet new people, new partners
and it has a direct effect on their lifestyle and income!!

So look..

Take a lead of faith, follow your gut and get to San Antonio!!

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