What is MLM?

What is MLM?

I have to look back to 1979 when I was shown
the famous and the one and only( Cleaning Products) MLM business Opportunity
 that existed in 1979. My wife said it was not for us as I kept
waking her up in the middle of the night try to tell
her it was the best thing I had ever seen in my life.
She insisted that we both disliked business and selling.
It took me a week to explain to her that MLM was very different.
Once she understood the concept I was able to build a massive
downline. All my downline consisted of my wife’s and my mother in law’s
 friends. Not a single friend of mine stopped long enough to listen
to my story and explanation of the meaning of MLM.
In short what is MLM? Do you have to like MLM to make a lot of money
with MLM?
The answer is NO, No, No. MLM is a low cost affordable Franchise.
Many millionaires who sell beef burgers hate meat and are vegetarians.
So why do they sell beef burgers? The short answer is because they love expensive cars, big houses and the champagne lifestyle.
To day the second reason why Business people are rushing into MLM is because
they cannot do what they could do 20 or 30 yrs ago, that is take the bank manager
out to lunch or a golf course and get a loan of $£ etc of 50,000.00 + no questions asked.
Do you understand the meaning of MLM? Before you calling MLM my any other name let me tell you something that I can see in my back office.
I have thousands of people in my downline over the last 7 yrs on the Internet.
Many of the smart ones are earning a lot more than me although they are under me and
joined my team several years after me. I know 3 of them are now millionaires because they  promote the products a lot better than I do. I do MLM because I benefit
from the effort of these millionaires under me in my team, even if I am not a millionaire myself yet.

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