Where there is a Will, there is a Way

Where there is a Will, there is a Way
Hello my GVO , PL, HTP, 7mwo  downline Active and Inactive,
Tried emailing you so trying another way of 5 Tools  I have
as I said in the subject
Where there is a Will, there is a Way
I am Don Gonsalves, your upline sponsor ( donwins4free). Not many GVO members are aware that Joel Therien, our CEO and GVO owner is also a Fitness & Health guru, who was studying to become a medical doctor in Canada, until the MLM “bug”, got hold of him, and he became a millionaire.
Joel is now launching a Real Product Biz. Opp. to “marry” with the digital products of  GVO, HTP, and Pure Leverage nd 7 mwo. This is the only way he can achieve his dream of creating a Billion dollar company so that millions of his downline team members make a full time income.
The daily repeat sales of these real health products will be awesome and will benefit members living in the USA a lot.
I have been with GVO, HTP and PL & even 7mwo, from the day they launched
and attended every webinar for years.
Because of my commitment to Joel , he chose me with a few others to Beta Test
the New ” 2by2 Spillover NowLifeStyle” opportunity. We have been testing this for over a year.
Existing Active and Inactive members are being given a chance to join first before the millions in Facebook and on the Internet.
I spend all my time helping my existing  downline that is why you have not heard from me earlier. I have thousand of members in all my GVO  downline in my back offices.
To cut a long story short I suggest you go to my website / blog to see how I help my downline  with all the Digital Tools I am lucky to own because of the profits I have made form GVO
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I am a man of  Massive Action to help my downline.
Check these videos carefully and join today.
All you are investing is #PiggyBankSavings
Your Help Line.
Skype ==>donald.gonsalves5
username = donwins4free in GVO and GetFitnRich in Live, Love, Laugh NowlifeStyle.
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