Who is Nigel Pearcey?



It is a miracle how Nigel has achieved this feat,

because Nigel suddenly became Blind, but had fallen

in love with Affiliate Marketing, so he refused to Give Up!!


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Who is Nigel Pearcey?

Who is Nigel  Pearcey? ( In addition to being in my NowLifeStyle downline)


I thought I was a great MLMer because all my downline and other MLMers on Facebook use to say I cannot

believe you are 75 yrs old Donald Gonsalves and doing better that thousands young MLM Entrepreneurs on Facebook.

Then a few days ago March 7th 2017; I sponsored a complete stranger on Facebook,

Nigel Pearcey from West Yorkshire into my Now Lifestyle Business and my ego just dropped.

I do not think I am as smart as some of my MLM friends made me out to be!!

Nigel joined as a VIP and came ALL IN at $697.00 per year. Wow!!

Read Nigel’s story below and you will see why we are not as clever as we think we are!!

I spoke to him for 2 days,on Phone and messages in Facebook chat, and visited his Facebook page, and these other site

and did not for one minute think he was different to millions of people on Facebook!!

Here is a brief introduction to my world as it is.

As I stated earlier in this page I began online at the inception of the Internet but always had an off line job to keep a secure income with a monthly salary, and yes I could have gone into a full time online business but I preferred to keep my off line salary because it seemed to be the safe thing to do but in retrospect I should have made a firm decision to work full time online because this was about to be forced upon me anyway.

Here is what happened to me overnight

In 2013 I was told by my optician that I had a tiny bleed in the back of my left eye and I should see my doctor which I did, I was then referred to an eye specialist who told me that he would see me again in 4 to six weeks to see if it gets any worse,, (what he should have done was inject the back of my eye to stop the bleeding but I did not know this at the time) anyway I continued going to work while I was waiting for an appointment to return to see him but in the time that elapsed it all became apparent that it all was going wrong because I got home late one night after a long day at work and got a shower and went to bed but when I awoke the next morning all of my eyesight was gone, it appears that the blood vessels in both my eyes burst and damaged both of my retinae beyond repair.

I was taken to hospital for operations and tests many times but in the end my eyesight was gone for ever and as you can imagine I was devastated, I could no longer drive my car, watch television or computer, or read books or even go out to work, in short my world as it was had ended.

Being the type of person that I am I decided to find a way to work again with my computer and to setup my business somehow no matter how long it would take me, so I basically went back to school and learned to touch type properly and got software that talks to me while I type so that I can identify what I do when creating web sites and gradually began to rebuild my life while also writing a book which I may also publish to this website here in the future.

One of the main items in life that I have learned is that everything is possible and no matter who you are or what your knowledge level is or even what your disability is you can ultimately achieve anything you want to and all you have to do is be positive and remember all the positive things in your life. I am a spiritual person and I know all of us have a spiritual guide that helps us get through this life if you listen to them as you go about your daily life being positive and thoughtful towards others in your life.

See what Nigel cannot see because he is totally blind, and he has typed all this himself using a voice phone.

1.   http://www.nigelpearcey.com/about.html

2. Shopping site at http://www.2wowu.co.uk

3. search engine site at http://www.linkupgold.com

And even a  Facebook site>>https://www.facebook.com/njpearcey?fref=ts


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It is a Miracle how Nigel has achieved this feat.

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