Why is GVO, MLM a Miracle Business to delay Dementia.

Why is MLM a Miracle Business?

Here is the answer.

I now have 1901 profit positions in GVO/HTP (Within 5 yrs.)

I Joined GVO in 2010 when I was 69yrs. Old

1 profit position is a reward for every 15 new downline team members

In my team, from spillover/spill under even if you personally

Sponsor only 2. #just2willdo to build a team of 10,000 + like I have done.

Today (28th May 2016) 10,958 Active members, is the number of GVO downline that

I achieved for Believing, in Go 6 Deep to Reap. I have gone 45 levels Deep.

Don Failla’s team of over 100,000 came from only 4 personally sponsored.

Believe to Achieve massive spillover has always been my

dream from the first day I saw MLM (offline) in my living room,

 in Jan 1980 in Newbury.

Berkshire, United Kingdom

I now Believe, I will Achieve 20,000 + GVO, Team downline

Within 12 months.

It is only when you understand why 1% of 100 peoples’

effort is better than 100% of your own effort , that you

will try to create massive spillover/spill under, in your MLM


If I can at 74 yrs. old anyone can, especially if you do GVO,  MLM to

avoid suffering from Dementia for as long as possible if you are over 60.

Why is GVO, MLM a Miracle Business to delay Dementia.


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