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Without any previous business experience or training...

Without enormous financial investment...

Without having to become a internet techie-geek!

All you need is a desire to change your life and be Financially free!

At Pure Leverage Freedom Live you'll be learning from super-successful speakers who all started with almost nothing and built full time careers, making 5, 10 and as much as $70,000 a month!
Our amazing speakers will be REVEALING ALL of the insider knowledge that usually takes years of trial and error to learn.
But, they'll be sharing everything you need to know start and grow a profitable online business over the two amazing days in Vegas.
Like one of our speakers, Joel Peterson, who was lucky to have 100 bucks left after paying his bills, but discovered the systems and tools to build a successful online business-and tripled his income.
Or Russell Brunson, a typically broke college student at Boise State university when he began his online business--and now has a business with over 60 employees doing over $10 million a year!
Or, Mark Call, who three years ago was so broke he had to borrow twenty bucks to take his kid to the movies--but built a business with the PURE LEVERAGE system and now lives in his 6400 square foot dream home and recently bought a Porsche Boxster with cash.
In fact, all our speakers started with little more than a desire to make money online and became successful using the same Pure Leverage tools they will be teaching you how to use.
Pure Leverage Freedom Live is all about freedom and taking your life to the next level--both your financial life and your personal life.
Because you aren't truly free unless you're financially free, then
  • You can spend more time with family and loved ones.
  • You can get more of what you want--not just what you can afford
  • You have the ability to be generous and help others
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    Some events this inexpensive are really sell-a-thons where they deliver very little real content--BUT NOT Pure Leverage Freedom Live
    This will be two full days of real training from experts who know what it takes, and are committed to sharing what they know with you!

    And you'll also get access to one of the
    other great secrets of success:

    Meeting and forming REAL RELATIONSHIPS with KEY PEOPLE
    In fact nothing has a more powerful influence on your success than having real relationships with mentors and others on the same journey you're on.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live you'll be sharing an amazing two-day learning experience with hundreds of like minded people eager to meet and share ideas with you.

    Meet YOUR Freedom SPEAKERS and

    See What They'll be teaching you in Las Vegas

    Joel Therien,
    Founder of GVO, and Pure Leverage Joel was in his first professional career as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab Specialist, but despite a great boss, coworkers, and salary of $52 000 a year, quit after only eight months.
    Joel realized that working for someone else was not going to provide the future he desired for himself and his family. And he couldn't see himself doing stress tests for the next 40 years.
    In 1997 he started his first web business with the goal to make few extra dollars to help pay his mortgage. Within 6 months he had 400 paying clients and a gross revenue of $96 000 the first year! He doubled his hospital salary and was pumped. Since then Joel and his team have built GVO and Pure Leverage, and have tens of thousands of clients, and offices all over the world.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Joel will teach you:
    • The success mindset and how to overcome thinking that limits you
    • The simple 3 step process to overcome fear of being out of your comfort zone
    • How to take your thoughts and ALWAYS put them into action
    • How you probably already have multi million dollar ideas that you need to take action on right now
    • How to use Attraction Marketing to get the RIGHT people on your team
    • How to build lifelong residual incomes
    • How to generate and endless supply of hot qualified leads
    Joel Peterson
    "How The Little Guy Can Make It Big Online -
    Not long ago Joel was living in the "Rat Race". He never had more than 100 Bucks in his bank account between paychecks. It took getting laid off three times in one to wake up and realize there has to be a "Better Way" to get ahead in life.
    He then discovered the power of using systems and tools in an Internet business. And within less than a year was able to triple his income with his very own "Home-based Online Business". He quit his job and has been living the Internet Lifestyle ever since!
    Inspired by his own new freedom and wealth over the years he's taught and inspired thousands of others to do the same.
    Now he wants to help you break out of the "Rat Race" by helping you Understand that there's a "Better Way" and that truly "Anyone" can do it if you're willing to follow simple steps and stay committed.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Joel will TEACH YOU:
    • 7 Proven Principles That ANYONE Can Follow To Break Out Of The "Rat Race"
    • you will walk away knowing exactly HOW to implement these Principles IMMEDIATELY to grow your business and live a better life!
    Jackie Ulmer
    is an award winning network marketing veteran, team builder, trainer, speaker and MLM author.
    Jackie Ulmer stuck one toe in the profession of Network Marketing in January, 1994 and soon found she was addicted to the fun, personal growth, income and advantages that being one's own boss offers. Six years into her business, she began exploring the possibilities that the Internet offered as a tool in her business. Today, she's built a solid six figure income using the Internet to build her Network Marketing business while maintaining the roles of wife, mom, kid's cab driver, and social coordinator.
    Social Media marketing is the platform she enjoys using, learning and mentoring on. When used correctly, this method of business building is extremely powerful and far reaching. Her passion is empowering women and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and reach for the stars.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Jackie will TEACH YOU:
    • How YOU can become a 'Professional" on-line marketer without having to be a "techie"
    • How to use the power of the Internet to develop and grow YOUR 'personal' brand!
    Russell Brunson
    of Boise, Idaho is one of the biggest names today in online marketing.
    Russell started his company, in 2004 when he was still a student and wrestler at Boise State University. His company has since grown from a one-man operation to a major business with over 60 employees and more than $10 million in annual sales.
    Today he and his staff teach tens of thousands of students from all over the world. Russell has been featured on ABC, NBC and Fox news teaching beginners how to start their own online businesses.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Russel will TEACH YOU:
    • How a beginner can start and build an online business.
    • How to quickly promote and grow an online business.
    • How to promote traditional businesses online.
    Daegan Smith
    "The KING of Never Calling A Single Lead!".
    Born and raised in Washington, DC. Daegan is a MASTER direct response marketer and even greater teacher and coach. You would be WELL advised to spy on this cat and soak up EVERYTHING you can from him, as his skills sets, teaching style and thorough delivery of high value content is known, endorsed and even coveted by every top producer in the industry.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Daegan will Reveal :
    • What gets your online offers noticed
    • How to get "yeses" to your online offers
    Steve Dawson
    Internationally recognized award winning marketer.
    In 1996 Steve Dawson was running 2 radio stations and presenting Breakfast shows 5 mornings per week when the collision of two events changed his life for ever. The first was the untimely death of his 13 Year old daughter Clair who had been born with Cystic Fibrosis. The second was the internet.
    Disillusioned with radio after more than 20 years and seeing the internet as the next big thing Steve quit Radio and became a full time network marketer with a part time income. Two years later in 1998 his income from network marketing in January alone exceeded his annual radio salary.
    Steve's entire focus is to make networking simple. Its a philosophy that has been proven to work every time and that’s why you'll find Steve on the leader board of every company that he's been involved with. To members of GVO Steve is probably best known for his 5DayFortune system which he created to simplify list building using the GVO suite of tools.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Steve will share with you:
    • Why its Impossible to be too late for a great party
    • The 3 simple steps you need to take to propel yourself from being an average participant to an extraordinary success in internet and network marketing.
    Bill Pesconsolido
    Recognized leader and trainer on prospecting and recruiting.
    Bill's navigated through the ranks of Corporate Advertising and commodity sales, but seeing his wife's uncanny knack for Facebook Traffic and lead generation lead him into the world of Network Marketing. He immediately took off and began calling lead after lead.
    Today Bill and his wife are top recruiters and team builders in the network marketing profession, Bill has spoken at such events as Live the Dream 3, No Excuses 4 as well as many other primary company and industry events. Bill was recently awarded the My Lead System Pro Member of the Month for March of 2013 and has been featured in What's Working Now.
    Michelle Pescosolido
    aka Facebook Queen.
    Michelle made her first $100,000 in her first 6 months online and was able to retire her husband (Bill form above) from his healthy 6 figure corporate America job within one year of starting her career.
    Michelle is also a top affiliate marketer, one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to Facebook marketing, and one of the most sought after trainer. She is the owner of Get Fans Make Money and The Social Media Mastermind.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Michelle will show:
    • How to make money marketing on Facebook marketing
    • How to use social media to generate leads, fans and sales
    Todd Gross
    The "weatherman marketer"
    In addition to his online endeavors, Todd has been a Television Meteorologist for over 30 years. He was even portrayed in the Hollywood blockbuster "The Perfect Storm", and currently works as a special storm reporter for CNBC.
    Todd is also one of the true pioneers in video work within the Internet and Network Marketing arenas. He was one of the first to introduce "Video Squeeze Pages", and continued to bring attention to GVO and later Pure Leverage with his video work.
    Terry Anglin
    Lead tool instructor for Pure Leverage
    After being involved in electronics, computers, programming and networks for over 35 years, Terry began to learn about Internet Marketing. He then started a new company providing virtual assistance to people that were afraid of or were having trouble getting past the technical requirements to run an online business.
    Terry is and through it he continues to try helping individuals overcome their fear of technology. Terry and Trish continue to thank God for the people He has placed in their path and for the relationships that continue to be built daily.
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Terry will tell you:
    • How non "techies" can be successful in a high tech world
    • How to find the help for the things you can do yourself
    Bill macintosh has generated OVER $50 Million in online sales. He is an experienced marketer whose coaching tips have helped tens of thousands of people make a successful online business.
    Bill has been working online since about 1997 and is well versed in leveraging internet traffic and teaching others how to expand their business. Join Bill at Pure Leverage Live while he discusses what's working NOW.
    Jon Gillardi
    is an amazing man with a story to tell that will touch your heart. He has overcome adversity is so many different areas of his life.
    Starting in network marketing at the age of 19, Jon is now a top industry earner and has built organizations of 500,000+ people in more than 70 countries that are responsible for over $100 million in sales. A sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and now author, Jon has been a company owner, top distributor and consultant for many large companies. Jon has also appeared on many television talk shows, such as Geraldo and Gordon Elliot, as well as hundreds of weekly radio shows and has been featured in People magazine due to his losing over 500 pounds.
    This dynamic speaker has been passionate about helping people since the 1980s when he was in his teens.
    Now, by combining his world-class skills and success in social media as well as sales, Internet marketing, coaching and leadership training, he can provide mentoring, national broadcasts, events, tools, training, consulting and leadership to entire companies and network marketing organizations to bring them success.
    Chris Reid
    Classmate of Joel and Mike since they were 5 years old!
    A career Entrepreneur and, fitness enthusiast, Chris has channeled his abilities and has used his secret mental exercises to become, literally, the very best in the world and now wants to share the same techniques that made him successful with you.
    Chris is a teacher by nature and has proven it by being one of only a handful of World Champions in history who has ALSO trained 3 personal students from beginner to World Champions themselves! Now, he is unleashing those same intentions for the purpose of making millionaires online
    At Pure Leverage Freedom Live Chris will:
    • Take you through a journey into your own mind and unleash your inner BOSS!
    • Show you the absolute reality that: "if you know one thing through and through....then you know everything!"
    You won't want to miss this....
    Jacek Dudzic
    Internationally recognized award winning internet marketer.
    From Poland, Jacek started a carrier in network marketing in late 2007 but soon realized that using online tools dramatically increased his results. In September 2009 he held his very first live webinar and it brought him over $5000 in sales in one night.
    Today he calls that night an eye-opener and turning point in his business development. Jacek is highly recognized as an excellent presenter, inspirational speaker and brilliant story teller.
    His webinars have been seen by 100s and often 1000s of people. Using his famous "guerrilla strategy" Jacek has quickly bult 6-figure income from affiliate programs, mainly GVO Host Then Profit, Pure Leverage and 7minuteworkout.
    And each of our speakers is gifting you a special valuable bonus to make to give you a head start on learning before the event even begins!

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    YOUR freedom HOSTS!

    A Personal Message from Joel Therien:

    To those who are ready for a better life,
    Looking back to before I started my online businesses and built the wealth and lifestyle my family and I enjoy today, I realized I had the wrong attitude with my "dreams"
    I was not shooting nearly high enough. All of us have that little voice in the back of our minds that tells us what we can and cant do and what's safe to try. The problem is that little voice holds us back in our comfort zone and keeps us still when what you really need to do is take action now.
    If there is one thing I have learned is that
    If you are ready to take hold of your dreams you've got to get out of your comfort zone and take action when the opportunities are right before you.
    Spending just 1 hour LIVE and in person with people who are making $5k, $10, $25k and more doing what they are teaching you to do is more valuable than months of sitting behind your computer exchanging emails, Facebook messages, or webinar chats! REAL MONEY is made when you make REAL RELATIONSHIPS!
    It’s a little known secret that the biggest earners in the industry all built lifetime friendships and “insider connections” with leaders that they’ve met at live events. Imagine being fully present in the room full of like minded people sharing a Life-CHANGING experience over the 2 days. When you come to Las Vegas and surround yourself with the Pure Leverage family, you’ll realize this was the most important decision you made in your financial life.
    If you're ready to start making the kind of money that sets you free, then it’s time for you to FULLY COMMIT to living the lifestyle you deserve and being the successful person you know you are...for your spouse, for your family, for your children... and FOR YOU!
    After being with us, you’ll realize making money is easy by using the simple Pure Leverage systems and tools!
    Our three goals for you are simple:
    • Attend the Event, Learn, and make meaningful connections.
    • Leave with a plan, the tools, and knowing what to do on Monday
    • Start making real money in your own online business.
    And a big Announcement will be made
    at Pure Leverage Freedom Live
    Pure Leverage has already changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide...and what we’ll be announcing in Las Vegas will be the biggest most exciting news in Pure Leverage history! So you want to be there with us when history is made.
    The reality is you'll either be at the event learning things that will change your life, meeting the people who will help you learn exactly what to do to take your life and finances to the next level, or home still wondering what it takes to breakthrough the hopelessness of the rat race.
    It’s your choice, so come to Las Vegas with us and be part of the most life changing event in 2013.

    I look forward to seeing you there,

    Joel Therien

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