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Who is the thriving force behind the “Health Wealth Mastery” project?

Meet David Puttemans, Health Wealth Mastery Coach! Belgian born but residing in Tenerife (Canary Islands), 43 years old, a workaholic multi-preneur, multilingual networker and pure pleasure seeker in his spare time. He considers himself to be a devoted family man to his wife and daughter, and a dedicated team player when related to business. Since 2013 he became absolutely passionate about the internet and anything related to the online industry. He joined several online businesses with a focus on educating himself and other entrepreneurs in his team on how to network online, use social media to build a community, share value and increase online visibility to build trust based relationships.

In 2015 he discovered the health & wellness industry as many of his clients were related to weight loss, fitness, nutrition etc.

Today, his goal is to have his team totally integrated and committed to achieve the true laptop lifestyle. Create a life of abundancy through health and wealth. He specializes in Blogging, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing.

He is owner and co-founder of several succesful join ventures, besides everything related to HEALTH WEALTH MASTERY, such as:
* Attraction Marketing Blogger @ Just Like Putti Attraction Marketing Coach
* Founder & Manager @ El Rincón de Tintín Cocktail Bar
* Founder & CEO @ Canariassistance One Stop Shop Service Provider
* Social Media Strategist & Consulting @ Rajani Shop / Señorita Madroño Handicrafts

Why Health Wealth Mastery?

The healthcare industry continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world, driven by more and more people adopting lifestyles that promote well-being. The digital world and health and wellness industry don’t instantly seem like the most natural of pairings. However, the online wellness industry is booming and no matter what area of health you are working in, there is bound to be a focus and community dedicated to this online.

Education and certification are essential to be able to provide patients or clients with accredited information and practices. Take time to complete the standard requirements of your training, in order to gain the knowledge you need. However, being successful in the health and wellness industry doesn’t mean you have to be a practitioner or wellness expert. Remember, people are also needed to run these booming wellness empires, so explore business and finance courses as well, as these could be highly valued skills to take into your chosen industry.

This is where Health Wealth Mastery comes into play. Having a seasoned professional show you the ins-and-outs of the industry and business is important. Many people learn best when they practice hands-on training. Working with someone you respect will also assist you to develop the necessary standards you want your colleagues or clients to experience.

What can I expect from Health Wealth Mastery?

We joint ventured 14 years of experience in the network marketing industry with 18 years of experience in the health and wellness. Everyone wants to be healthy and wealthy. Everyone wants more time and freedom to spend more time with his beloved ones. Everyone wants to travel and live life to the fullest without being restrained by financial issues.


Have faith that you have chosen a niche suitable for you and your skill set. Know that this new career path will be full of change and growth. More and more people are wanting to enter the wellness industry, which means there is more competition for coveted positions or attaining clients for your practice. However, perseverance and positivity is important to have to keep on going.

If you have visited my website, and you feel that you are the right person for this, than don´t hesitate any longer and visit my work with me page for more info.

Looking forward to share ideas with you & hope to see you back soon,

David Puttemans

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David Puttemans: Health & Wellness Network Marketing Coach. Devoted Familyman. Social Media Geek. Inspired Networker. Passionate Affiliate Marketer. Team player.