4 ways to get Free Training and Free Coaching

Free Training and Coaching

Training and coaching are key to your growth and success!

You may have chosen a great company with excellent management, products that make a difference, a pay plan that’s uniquely fair and very generous, and momentum and stability, but if you don’t have support and training in place that works, all of that doesn’t matter.

You need to be willing to listen and learn from mentors. The way this industry is structured, it’s in the best interests of the MLM veterans in your company to help you succeed, so they’re willing to teach you the system. Whatever your mentor did to become successful, it’s very easy to duplicate, but you have to be willing to listen and be taught and follow those systems.

This is why I decided to share with you on this page 4 ways to get education and information regularly to become a better networker.

Facebook 101 Marketing

Facebook offers many ways to promote your business to its online community. From creating a Facebook Page for your business, to starting a topical group, to launching a targeted ad campaign, Facebook is becoming an increasingly important component of a company’s online marketing plan.

Most of the challenges you encounter as you market your business on Facebook are not insurmountable, but sometimes they feel that way. The best way forward is to have a solid understanding of how to best use Facebook for your organization, but keep taking action. This way, you will continue to refine what works for your business while getting results along the way.

To help you on the way I have created the Facebook Group Facebook 101 Marketing where I share on a regular basis tips, tools and tutorials going from beginner´s level to intermediate, as well as some Facebook marketing ninja tricks!

Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Free Marketing Lifestyle

FML is a free 9 video training series by Joel for people who are on a tight budget, but with a desire and a dream to start their own online business. Getting started on the right foot is very important in the online industry. And that is exactly what these FREE training videos from Joel are all about.

In this training course Joel will cover:
– What you need to start an online business.
– Where you can find the right coaching and tools.
– How to make your first sales online.
– How to generate an income even if you have no product or service.
– How to build and email list and generate a relationship with your followers
– How to build trust and income with video marketing
– How to set up your first website or blog fast and easy.

Fan Page System.

This is the most simple and powerful system Joel has ever created. The Fan Page System is a community where you can meet likeminded entrepreneurs, share value and learn from others. But here´s the amazing twist, you can even earn some money with the Fan Page System by simply commit to three daily core actions. He turned Facebook into one massive MLM and Home Based Business! I could talk for hours about the Fan Page System but I rather have you watch the presentation video (31 mins) by Joel himself.

163K people can´t be wrong …. Join our community RIGHT HERE! 

Live Training Webinars

One of the best methods to soak up information and to receive hands on training and questions answered is to attend live training webinars. Within the PL/NLS/7MIN community, webinars are regularly held, and they are a very valuable source for taking your business to the next level. If you wish to be informed when the next webinar and all future webinars are taking place just fill in the form below to receive a personal invitation every time a webinar will take place.

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Looking forward to share ideas with you & hope to see you back soon,

David Puttemans

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