How to Start Exercising If You’re Unfit

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What’s Wrong With Being Unfit?

Do you want to hear a surprising statistic? According to a CDC report, only 1 in 5 people get enough exercise. Let’s repeat that: only 1 in 5 people get enough exercise. This statistic may seem shocking, but it makes sense when you consider that many of us work in offices where we sit down all day. We also lead very busy lives, making it hard to fit exercise into our schedules.

However, just because most people don’t get enough, doesn’t mean you should be complacent in your exercise habits. Not exercising can have VERY negative results on your health and wellbeing. We all know that a lack of exercise can lead to weight gain (although diet is a huge factor, too).

However, a lack of exercise also puts you at much greater risk of developing a number of diseases:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • And many more.

It’s now widely agreed that being unfit is MORE risky to your health than being fat. Aside from the health reasons, being unfit means you can’t enjoy life to the full. If you’ve got kids then you may have regrets at not being able to run around and play with them. Or you might miss out on family walks and outings because you find it too tiring to participate.

On a deeper level, people who don’t get enough exercise are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. This is because exercise releases “happy hormones” known as endorphins. And even the act of exercising outside is shown to boost mood.

Have I convinced you that being unfit is NOT something that you should get comfortable with?

Good! Be sure to keep reading on, as I’ve got more information coming up on measuring your true fitness levels, and then doing something about it!

Some Common Signs That You May Be Unfit

There’s a huge misconception about fitness. It’s the idea that people who are overweight are unfit, and people who are at a healthy weight or BMI are fit. Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that it just isn’t true.

Unfortunately weight is not just linked to fitness. It could be about how much you eat, or for other medical reasons. The truth is that many overweight people ARE fit, and many people who aren’t overweight are still very unfit.

So how can you tell if you’re not as fit as you should be?

The most common symptom that comes to mind is getting out of breath easily. For example, if you regularly get out of breath walking one block, or climbing a small flight of stairs.

But there are also a number of other symptoms. See how many ring true for you…

  • You get injured very easily when you do participate in physical activity
  • You get achey muscles even after a very small amount of physical activity
    You get stiff joints (a sign that you’re sitting too much)
  • You are weak and can’t carry heavy objects
  • You suffer from depression or mood swings

Note that you don’t have to have all of these symptoms to be classed as unfit.

The truth is, if you don’t exercise often – that is, for at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week – then you probably aren’t fit. Unless you do a manual job that keeps you active for large periods of the day, the chances are you need to exercise more often.

How to Start Exercising If You’re Unfit

If you’re unfit, it can be hard to know where to begin with exercise. The problem is, when you’re unfit you may find it harder to motivate yourself, and you might get injured more easily than fitter people. However, do NOT let this deter you from doing something about your fitness levels. The first step is to talk to a doctor, especially if you’re very overweight or suffer from any medical problems.

The next step is to start working out. This means choosing an activity that (a) appeals to you and (b) suits your current lifestyle. For example, don’t commit to going to the gym if you live miles away from one. Instead, you could start jogging outside.

The good thing is that there are a number of fitness programs that will take you from complete beginner level. For example, if you wanted to start running, you could start by walking and then running for very small periods of times (e.g. 1 minute) before moving up. Although it might seem like you’re starting too small, you’d be amazed at the progress you can make in a short space of time!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Make a schedule for your week and stick to it. Plan workout days and rest days. At first, you might only plan 3 workout days as you ease into it.
  • Stick to your schedule at ALL costs. Eventually, it’ll become a habit.
  • Set goals and track your progress. You’ll be much more motivated when you see that you’re improving.
  • If it helps, download a fitness app to your phone. There are so many out there, try searching for your preferred workout activity.

Now it’s time to find an activity that works for you.

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