Mount TeideYou might probably know the saying that behind every great man stands a great woman, or vice versa, but maybe less known is the one that says that every great artist retrieves his inspiration from an amazing place. I would not dare to call myself an artist though, but I am a starting blogger and do retrieve a lot of my energy from a special place: Tenerife!


For the ones not so familiar with the Canary Islands they probably think of sun and sea, and some aged travelers spending their winter months here because of the mild climate. I guess that´s the main reason why they call the Canary Islands the archipelago of the eternal spring. Tenerife being the biggest of the islands has all the stuff a tourist needs, although that is not where I get my inspiration from. If you still the proud owner of a glossy holiday brochure of Tenerife, then now is a good moment to throw it away.

Let me take you on a ride for eight unforgettable experiences on the island of el Padre Guanche.


Anaga Mountains range – a view finder´s Nirvana

anaga, tenerife, hikingCovering the north eastern tip of Tenerife, rugged and beautiful, Anaga mountains will surprise his visitors with plunging ravines, rocky pinnacles and mist filled forests older than the Ice age. A place where the local residents still prepare their puchero (stew) the old fashion way, and where they still hunt with dogs for rabbits, just the way they did long before the rest of the world knew that the Canary Islands even existed. Venturing into to this ancient mountain range you will discover a hiker´s heaven and a Walhalla for every photographer. Anaga mountain is an untamed piece of scenery that will appeal to every Indiana Jones wannabe.


San Cristóbal de la Laguna – UNESCO World Heritage site

Boarding a flight to Tenerife, not many of the passengers could imagine the island holds an amazing treasure, one where you can wander through living history. La Laguna, in the Aguerre Valley, takes his name from a disappeared lake. Today it is regarded as the religious and cultural capital of Tenerife. Strolling the city´s streets one can feel no different than to be impressed by the architecture and the lively atmosphere that breathes the city. An English tourist once told me, this is like Havana (Cuba) but better!


The Wine routes – where tradition meets new technologies

wine, ecotourism, la orotava, tacoronteIn the north of the island you will find the Valley of La Orotava, a landscape that together with a wide range of leisure activities, hosts the vine culture of Tenerife. A place where cutting-edge wineries meet small family businesses, where you be able to savour some excellent wines and creative Canarian cuisine in an incomparable setting, a place that will leave no visitor untouched by his unique charm and personality.


Parador del Teide – Sleeping beneath the stars at the foot of a volcano

Sleeping at the foot of a volcano in a mountain lodge, 2000 meters above sea level with a carpet of stars drawn out in the sky and impressive panoramic views over Teide peak, Spain´s highest mountain, is an unbeatable experience. It is a far cry away from the 4 and 5 stars hotels by the beach in the southern part of the island, but the Parador de Teide makes up for it with his cosy home away from home feeling, and his exquisite hotel restaurant where you can indulge in to some original Canary Island gastronomy.


Caserio de Masca – Punta de Teno Nature Park

masca, caserio de Masca, tenerife walkingUnfortunately one of the most visited destinations on the island, with hordes of tourists pouring in with touring cars, rental cars, guide tours and the whole hoola boola. Nevertheless once peace has returned to the site, the hamlet of Masca in the northwest of the island, is a magical place, a picturesque village built on top of the deepest ravine of the island, surrounded by amazing escarpments. Declared an area of ethnographical and architectural interest, no wonder painters and poets alike describe Masca their favorite place on the island, Staying overnight in a rural house is a top notch experience.


Frente Blanquiazul – Club Deportivo Tenerife

This might not be on anyone´s agenda visiting Tenerife, but watching a football game in the Heliodoro arena in the capital Santa Cruz, is an experience you won´t easy forget. Although they are playing in the Spanish second division at the moment, the supporters clan of the football team are widely known, both nationally and internationally, for their unconditional support and love for their team. A football game in Tenerife is not just another football game, they live football, they sweat football, they breath football and they eat football.


Lagarto Backpackers – Your Second home in Tenerife

Mattia and Vitto are two Italians who fell in love with Tenerife and they started Lagarto Backpackers in Valle de Guerra. More than your typical backpackers place to sleep, Lagarto´s is truly your second home in Tenerife. With their “ Think Globally, act locally” philosophy, they try to integrate their visitors in a local authentic, dynamic and active experience. You´ll leave Lagarto having more friends than before. It´s a Lagarto way of Life!


Rajani Shop – Indian Fair Trade shop

Last but not least I wanted to include a project of mine that I run with my wife Renata, which is maybe my biggest source of inspiration. In 2008 we started up Rajani Shop, a fair trade shop where we sell all kinds of goods from India, working directly with local handicraft people without intermediary. Furthermore we are an active member of the Vicente Ferrer foundation, a non-profit organization working with the untouchables in India, the lowest cast. For the readers who understand Spanish here are some older articles from May 2010 and December 2011 for you to read.


fair trade, india, anantapur, handicrafts

So that´s all from me, whenever you visit Tenerife it will be a pleasure to show you around. But where do you get your inspiration from? Is the place you live a source of inspiration?


Wishing YOU an amazing day. TAKE CARE!





David Puttemans



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