Just 3 weeks to go before turning 40!


40 YearsJust 3 weeks! That´s 21 days. November 20th! OMG!  I´m not very into birthday´s because I consider life to be a party everyday, or at least I start with that intention every morning. But I must admit like most of us do, that becoming 40 once again is another milestone in life where you just can´t get around it. You have to live it, absorb it, experience it, cherish it or hate it, but you have to get on with it.



Looking back at the 39 previous buggers I decided that I will cherish it. Why not? After all if we have to believe our good old friends John Lennon and Ringo Starr “Life Begins at 40”. I´m sure many of us know that tune and the lyrics but let me refresh your memories:


They say life begins at 40
Age is just a state of mind
If all that’s true
You know that Ive been dead for 39

And if life begins at 40
Well, I hope it ain’t the same
It’s been tough enough without that stuff
I don’t wanna to be born again

Well, I tried to sweep the slate clean
With a new broom every day
If that don’t work
I’ll jerk around until my next birthday

Yeah, life begins at 40
Age is just a state of mind
Well, if all that’s true
You know that Ive been dead for 39

Source: Metrolyrics 


start blogging, blogchallenges, how to write blogsSo believe it or not I CAN´T WAIT untill that day arrives, I can´t wait for my life to begin, I am the least you could say very anxious to see what my life will look like at 40.

Will I have a ball? Will I become rich? Will I be better looking? Will my wife start seeing me as a different person? Will my little daughter be hugging me even more when she wakes up in the morning?

No seriously! Who turned 40 allready and what we´re your experiences? I would like to know and share!


My guess that life will just go on as it was before unless you make a decision that somethings will change, or have to change. Some people I know have made the decision at that point to stop smoking, and some of them even did, now that´s what I call taking massive action.

Looking back in the mirror again I might consider stop eating as much chocolate as I do now, stop drinking awesome good Spanish wines on a daily basis, or getting my lazy bum of my chair and do some sports. That´s all good but I decided to do something different:     I HAVE MADE A DECISION TO START BLOGGING

And I even will take on a challenge to set up my blog in 30 days! You should say why 30 days? Well that´s the time frame from one of the blog challenges of Beth Hewitt in which I´m participating. So I´ve set myself a goal that by the end of the challenge I have a more or less finished and decent blog. What about that?


Is there a good reason to start blogging?


My friends and family will probably go like: “Oh well he has gone completely bongers now, like he is not working enough allready!” And maybe they are right but I can give them at least 7 good reasons to start blogging:


  • Fine tune my interests: a litte less then a year ago I got amazed by the magnitude of internet marketing, social media, affiliate marketing and the effect it has on           people´s lives. Blogging will enhance my knowledge regarding these matters.


  • Improve my writing skills: I love writing but sometimes it can happen that you     don´t have a clear view anymore on how to respond to certain things. Taking action in writing on a constant basis will surely improve these skills.


  • Reflect on the things you learn: have you ever had a moment where you came across something and not that long afterwards you ask yourself: what was that? Or how did that go again? Taking note of things will give a person the possibility to reflect back on the things they learned which automatically helps to better remember them as well.


  • Connect with others: the blogosphere is a great network where people can share their knowledge and expertise. I´ve been reading through some blogs the past 6 months and saw the connection in between the bloggers. I need to be part of the blogosphere not just because I´m a social kind of guy, but because I love sharing things with others.


  • Built your profile: we´re going to call the cat a cat, nothing more nothing less. Many of the bloggers out there are in it for business or income related matters. So am I, and blogging is a great way to get your Avatar out there.


  • Be surprised: so I have been and so I will. I did not even start blogging but I have been surprised more then once of the stuff out there, and boy don´t we love surprises Smile


  • Learning online skills: 40% of the world´s population is online. 17% of all websites are powered by wordpress. We can be sure in this difficult economic times this will remain one of the growing areas of all economies. By blogging you can develop online skills which can be usefull for any type of career.


So fellow bloggers out there, can I have your thoughts om my first post wuhuuuu!


Wishing YOU an amazing day. TAKE CARE!





David Puttemans




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