Brain Abundance Scam? A Brain-Busting Review

Brain Abundance Scam

Looking for a REAL Brain-Busting Brain Abundance review? Do you want to know whether or not Brain Abundance is a scam?


Well here in this article, I am going to deliver you the FACTS about this new MLM company and give you my true opinion on whether it’s a scam.


First things first, I will let you know that I am not a Brain Abundance distributor and I am not associated with the company in any way. I was actually presented with the opportunity to join BA but after doing my own research, I decided not to join.


The reason why I didn’t join was not because I came to the conclusion that Brain Abundance is a scam…


…I have my own reasons of why I didn’t sign up and I’ll let you know why further down this review.


Is Brain Abundance A Scam?

Brain Abundance is NOT a scam!


…it’s simply a multilevel marketing company like the thousands of other MLM company’s out there.


Is Multilevel Marketing A Scam?

Multilevel marketing is NOT a scam, fraud or pyramid scheme and it’s not rocket science.


It’s just a way to remove the average person in the buying and selling process of a service or product and give the cost of marketing back to the customer.


It’s a great business model for the MLM company owner and their consumers… 


…because the business/company doesn’t really need to pay for any advertising, instead they can offer the money as an income opportunity to their customers for referring others to their product or service.


It’s quite a simple deal. You have the opportunity to make money by selling their product and/or by signing up others to do the same.


It’s that simple!


Either take it or leave it…


There’s no use being a dam fool about it!   


Are The Brain Abundance Scam Claims True?


If anyone tells you that Brain Abundance is a scam or if you come across some negative reviews online…


Then I’ll guarantee that they’ll fall into one of these 2 categories:


1. They have their own agenda – Which is to sell their own product or service. Unfortunately, there are some marketers out there that use negative marketing tactics and will bash legitimate company’s only to steer people away from that particular company in order to get them to join their own scheme or business opportunity.


2. They have failed in MLM before – These are people who have joined into systems or opportunities in the past (which may or may not have included Brain Abundance) and they are just simply angry with the MLM industry due to their own inability to make money. These types of people will put the blame on anything but themselves, for example, they’ll blame the company, their sponsor, their team etc…


My best advice if you’re dealing with anyone from category 2 is to just ignore them. Trust me, you DON’T want anything to do with these types of people because, they’ll just chew up your energy and you’ll struggle to produce results yourself.


I also don’t recommend following or joining anyone that falls into category 1 because ask yourself this…


…are you going to follow in their footsteps and use dirty marketing tactics like them? I wouldn’t recommend it, you’ll just upset a lot of people and you’ll loose a lot of respect from most entrepreneurs in the industry. 


Positive Brain Abundance Reviews 

On the other hand there are lots of Brain Abundance reviews that will speak nothing but positives and explain all the benefits of BA with the agenda to get you to join their team. I have seen most of the reviews out there and they do seem pretty accurate. One things for sure is that they do have a pretty awesome product which is “Brain Fuel Plus” though many people who speak positive about Brain Fuel Plus are usually Brain Abundance distributors, so you can’t really take their word for it.


The best advice that I can give you if you’re interested in their product would be to just try it for yourself, it’s the only way you’ll know for sure if it works for you and if it benefits your health and brain.


But surely, their product is not some dud… If it was then there wouldn’t be so many people getting in on it and joining.


So I’m sure you’ll notice some benefits from taking Brain Fuel Plus.


Check out the video testimonial below and see what Adam thinks about the Brain Abundance products


Brain Abundance Review and Testimonial  



Why I Didn’t Join Brain Abundance

To be honest here, it’s just difficult to make a ton of money selling tangible products such as supplements, vitamins, soap, cosmetics, weight loss supplements etc… because you cant make 100% commission on them unless you create them yourself.


With majority MLM company’s you can only make around 8 – 15% commissions on their products. So business wise, it just makes sense to sell products such as trainings, tools, education and digital products where you can make 100% commission on them. And besides, these products actually help network marketers generate leads and build their current network marketing business. So there easier to sell. 


And it’s also a lot easier to make a ton of money when you get all the money as appose to getting something like 20% commissions. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually do sell products for as low as 40 – 50% commissions such as lead generation tools and other marketing tools, but you really do need a opportunity that pays out all the money to the members.


And besides, my hands are tied!


Though, if I were to join a MLM company then Brain Abundance would defiantly be at the top of my list :)


Anyway, I’m going to leave it at that…


I hope you enjoyed this Brain Abundance review and now know that it’s NOT a scam and that it’s a legitimate company and business opportunity with an exceptional product.








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