Free Network Marketing Leads , Where to Get Them?

It feels great to have people to chase us to join our network marketing company, ask you stuff about it, how they can succeed in your company, etc. Would it be cool if you have 50 leads a day asking you stuff about it? If only 20% of them join you, it means 10 people a day.

Is that possible?

Since you haven’t felt or experienced it before, you can’t say if it’s possible or not, but I can show you someone who has experienced this and is willing to share how to do it.

The bottom line of free network marketing leads for any opportunity is this, you can use any resources on the internet to get your tens of leads daily from the internet, that’s so possible, for free, with no upfront cost of investment.

Please don’t overcomplicate things, actually it’s simple and easy to drive targeted leads for your network marketing opportunity on a daily basis for free.

2 basic things that you have to deal and set upfront is:

  1. basic marketing & segmentation
  2. drive targeted traffic, give free stuff in exchange of their database

The right targeting will greatly impact your business, because if you just target any people who want to be right, I think you will end up enrolling no one because your marketing is blur.

In this case, you want to target people who want to be rich with doing the work, not by playing games. The point is, you have to be clear enough, more targeted, then adjust your marketing effort for that segment. That’s the only way to get free leads for your network marketing company.

Basic marketing and segmentation is the foundation before you can take the next step. After you know who your market is then you can set how to approach them, what free stuff to give away, what will attract them, what keywords will trigger them to take action, and so on.

We can conclude so far, you need to build a squeeze page / anyhow you need to capture people’s database, then in exchange you send them something valuable (can be ebook or anything that will attract those people).

What about the traffic generation? The best thing I can recommend you is to do video marketing.

Youtube and facebook are in the top 3 websites (google is #1) in the world, and you can use those 3 websites to supercharge your network marketing business, giving your tons of free leads supply on a daily basis.

How to use those 3? Simply make new friends in facebook, regularly make and upload new videos, share those vids in facebook too. That way, automatically Google will spider and list those videos in the search engine result page.

That’s the formula. Now your turn to do it over and over again, it’s never enough just to make 1 video and do the formula, at least I think you have to do it like 10 – 20 times before you can see the real result from it.

If you find this blog post helpful, I think you will like to see the formula of how this top earner generates 25 – 60 leads a day for his 2 companies!