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Autoresponder is one of the most important tool in Internet marketing/ online business daily operational business. You might wonder what kind of autoresponder to choose, I’ve been in your shoes, looking for the best autoresponder service to match my needs and budget. That’s an exhausting stuff to do and I’d like to help you today by writing this article. I know it will help you a lot because I’m sharing what I’m doing.

You might have difficulties and are confused to choose which AR company that suits you. I think the things that matter for our autoresponder selection are:

  1. inbox delivery rate
  2. price vs subscriber list size
  3. backoffice ease of use
  4. team support
  5. other added value of the AR service company

You might have heard several well-known autoresponder companies like aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, imnica mail, infusionsoft, trafficwave, etc… I’ve used almost all of them but they were not what I’m looking for.

Aweber and Getresponse didn’t match my needs because the pricing is so high, moreover for people who are just starting out. They’re the leader for the quality but I’ve found one recommendation that I use now.

Just for your overview, right now I’m using Pure Leverage as my autoresponder service company for all of my business. They’re much cheaper, high quailty (even my friend, Ben,  tested PL has higher quality than Getresponse) delivery rate and very friendly pricing vs subscriber size we can accommodate with them.

Let get deeper into the this.


Your list will be a waste if the email doesn’t arrive in their inbox, right? My team tested Get Response compared to PureLeverage autoresponder products, the fact was Pure Leverage has better quality for inbox delivery rate with the same details. You can contact me for more details about it, but I’ve confirmed to my team that this is what he found. So, you’ll be no worry about the product quality. We don’t have a quality problem for the core product, the conclusion it’s very OK to use this.


If it’s just few percentage cheaper that means it’s a good news, but what can I say if it’s a LOT cheaper than Get response or Aweber!?

With Pure Leverage, you pay $24.95 for 10,000 size of subscribers while with AWeber it’s $50 for 10,000 subscribers list, and for Get Responser pricing it’s $65 for 10,000 subcsribers list.

With Pure Leverage, if you want to promote it as a reseller and get 100% commission, you need just to pay another $19,xx per month, and it’s not a must. You can just become a user only without having to pay another fee. Simple, right? Cheaper, better quality, plus you have other products included into the package that you buy the autoresponder. Let’s talk more about this.


In the Pure Leverage backoffice, it’s very easy to understand and to use, the instruction is right there we can access them in every page and section that we don’t understand. You can also have a live chat session if you still don’t understand of this and that. Using the autoresponder and other tools are easy, generating the autoresponder code, updating/ adding follow up messages is very very easy. It won’t be a problem at all. Very well organized, thanks to the Pure Leverage team.


I experienced the live chat support team is ready in the most of the time, they’re responsive and very helpful. They basically have 2 departments, technical and billing support team. Since when first signing up you’ll get the $1 trial period, if you in any case you want to cancel your trial then you’ll need to send them ticket/ just ask the billing department to cancel your subscription, and if you have any difficulties about technical stuff the technical support team is there and ready for you.


With Pure Leverage, you not only get the autoresponder service alone, but you have pack of cool business tools that you really need to build a professional online business, which you can get in an expensive price if you buy them out there separately, but with Pure Leverage you’ll get the leverage to buy them all inclusive in the package of autoresponder. The products that you’ll get are:

  1. the autoresponder itself (at a very low price and yet cool quailty!)
  2. elite coaching program (value $297/m)
  3. easy lead flow – lead capture system (value $49.95/m)
  4. authority blog (value $19.95/m)
  5. turbo traffic generation ( value $47/m)
  6. video email service (value $20/m)
  7. live meeting room (value $49/m)

So, if you’re still looking to buy those stuff separately out there I can say that you’re wasting money folks. It’s sold in a very affordable price in Pure Leverage. Just check things out by taking the $1 Trial here, and check on me if you have ANYTHING to ask. I’m ready to help you to reach your success.

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Just in case you’re considering to be a reseller to make the 100% commission, please use the following link to sign up because in there you’ll get your 100% free system to manage your Pure Leverage business 24/7. It’s a huge help from our team! You can sign up to Pure Leverage from both link (the below and above link), there’s no difference. Just check on me if you want to ask stuff.

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