I was looking to get a great deal on a slightly used computer so I consulted what I thought would be a good place. CEX, or wecare@webuy.com looked like a good and trustworthy place to make a purchase. I went in and browsed around searching for a new system.

I found one I liked and asked the employee about the system. He answered all of my questions, but unfortunately not truthfully. Since buying a used system and spending hundreds of dollars $410 dollars to be exact, I asked what the retail of the system was. The employee told me it would be around $390-$410 dollars.

He also mentioned that when the computer was sold to them that it still had the plastic on it, hmm, being a used electronic store buying what appears to be an unused product should have been the first red flag. Instead though I continued to talk with the employee about the system and he made me feel like I was getting a great deal, that was until I discovered I was lied to, and that I could have gotten the same computer for $80 dollars less that what they were charging me, and it would have been new too.

So, to make a long story short, I was mislead by a company that I trusted because I had bought several other products from them before which were good buys. I went back to the store, and the employees there were unprofessional trying to give me every excuse in the world as to why I can’t have my money back after being lied to.

I mentioned to them I would make a blog, take my complaints to YouTube,Facebook,Twitter, and other social media outlets, but they didn’t seem to care. I wouldn’t suggest doing business with them as they are dishonest, and will over charge you then refuse to give your money back.

They are not to be trusted. I guess I should have known better than to deal with crooks like this since they use Google voice for their local contact number. I also found plenty of other complaints from other people who have also been ripped off.

This company is a no go. My suggestion would be finding a more reliable retailer to meet your electronic needs. CEX is a down right out scam. They are giving every excuse in the world as to why they can’t refund. Please like this blog and share with others so they don’t get beat for their money. #scam #Moneyscam #onlinescam #cexscam #cex #ripoff

17 thoughts on “CEX WECARE@WEBUY.COM IS A SCAM? You decide!

  1. Hello John, thank you for your comment. I can’t say for sure what you can or can not do with this company. I personally went to their fan page, several times a day, and wouldn’t stop until they addressed my issue. I would go to their social networks constantly, I made a blog, as you can see. I told them I’d take my complaints to Youtube, Twitter, and all other social networking channels where they advertise. I wouldn’t accept no for an answer, and this is likely why I was able to achieve the task of getting a refund. I wasn’t about to chalk up my losses and let them get me for my money.

    Your situation is a little different though, you have had the item for almost a year, and did buy it used, however, I would keep pushing forward and make them honor their warranty on the product, or products that you purchased. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


  2. hey, well i bought a old ps3 40BG last year, i picked it up from ashford as my local store had none in stock, so it worked fine then started overheating 5 days before 12 month warranty, so i took into local store i lost my proof of purchase but they found it on my account and said you need to take it to ashford as no proof of purchase, even tho they could see it on my account, they spoke to store manager or so they said, and agreed if i traveled to ashford an hour bus travel there, it would be replaced just ask for the manager , so i rushed over as i was told they had one ps3 of my model left, needless to say the manager was not phoned and did not no nothing i was told they would send off fro repair and i must pick up from ashford store only now, after moaning and being polite as i no my rights and im ex sales, i was granted a replacement as the manager at ashford was really nice lady, had this ps3 6 weeks and overheating all the time so ware do i stand do i dont want this model agian as i lost all my saved data last time i want vouchers or the price paid £105 and buy a slimline model can i do that ???

  3. you can’t really say it’s a scam because they didn’t buy your tv…they didn’t scam you, it just didn’t work or they didn’t test it properly but that’s still not a scam.

  4. I’m from the UK and cex have given me so much hassle and trouble! I’ve been given the wrong disc twice in the wrong box so I can’t re-sell. CEX are also being very dismissive of giving me a refund or the correct disc. Not only saying they had infact given me the right disc, which they hadn’t, but wanting me to return in via post and refusing to refund me my postage costs. Appauling in my book! I will NEVER take my custom there again!

  5. I’ve just started up a new blog after many years of working alongside scumbags like CEX, I’ll be providing useful tips and tricks to both get refunds on faulty items and get the most for your money…

  6. Hello, I am very sorry about this. I personally host the blog on a corporate sever and it must be some kind of glitch since the blog is still in beta test mode. However, here is the corporate contact form to reach the headquarters. Make sure when you contact them that you explain to them just as you explained to me and give them the link to my main page http://www.pureleverage.com/livingthegoodlife Once again, sorry about the inconvenience. You can reach support through this link http://www.gogvo.com/contact_us.php. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for subscribing. I will also notify them of the problem.

  7. When I originally commented My spouse and i clicked your -Notify me when new articles are added- checkbox and now when a comment is actually added I get four emails with the same opinion. Is there in whatever way you can take away me through that support? Thanks!

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  9. I bought TWO faulty items in a row from them, they refused to give me a refund, when I complained to the wecare team, they denied there was anything wrong with the items!!?? Even though the staff in store confirmed there was an issue? They are willing to lie to worm their way out of refunds, beware.

  10. I just wanted to give an update to the others who have posted here. After many post and staying on top of CEX I have been issued a full refund for my purchase. If you have a legitimate case where you should be refund then I’d advise you to go to their fan page and come there to or three times a day, build a blog like I did, get on their twitter, and make a youtube video. Also, you can go to review sites where other people are filing complaints that rank highly in search engines. If you have a blog going such as I do, you can link back to your blog from those sites which draws in more comments, and gives more authority to your blog so you can really be heard. If you are persistent you can almost always get your money back. It’s worked for me with other big companies who have tried to rip me off. If you have questions or comments please feel free. Don’t forget to show your support and click the like button on our page. Thanks, and I appreciate the comments.



  11. Hi there,

    I am from the UK and I can confirm that they are no different here. I once got banned from a store because I brought a cell phone in for a refund as it was defective!! The managers reason was that I was a liability to his store!! I only returned a product that wasnt working!!

    My advice do not deal with them, I knew one store where four of the staff were sacked for decieving customers to pocket money!!

  12. I agree they are horrible some Times, I didn’t to Bring something back it turned faulty they didn’t want to know, how I have court case involved they accused me of Braking a $1300 laptop I bought within 2 weeks it didn’t work at all, Rude customer service they wanted me out the shop long story

  13. Yes, I agree, I should have did more research, this is true. However, when you ask a direct question about a product that you are interested in you should be able to get a reliable and truthful answer. The fact is the system was cheaper brand new than they were selling it for used. I asked about the price, and if the employee didn’t want to tell me the price then that is fine, but I won’t accept a lie. They have agreed to refund my money provided the system is in the same shape as when I bought it. I have ran full scan of all of the files, and It is virus free, and I’ve also checked the performance. I am entitled to get creditable information from a business where I’m spending my money, and if not, then that isn’t a place I want to do business.

  14. If you could of got the system brand new and cheaper then you should of researched to find the best deal. Also an employee does not have to tell you what the system goes for retail as it is advertising another company.

  15. Yes, I would have to agree with you. They don’t realize that the customer is who pays their salaries. The customer is what makes the business, and gives them the power to be who they are. Without us they would be nothing. I would encourage you to continue to get the word about about how they ripped you off. You have a variety of different ways to do this. You can use YouTube, Twitter, Your Facebook profile, your fan page, their fan page, blogging, Google+, Pinterest and many more. The word will get out. Stay strong! Keep posting, and don’t stop..they have to do something or they will bite the dust like the rest of the companies who don’t respect their customers and honor their guarantees.

  16. Store is a scam or something cause my bf and i was just there in a philly store to trade in a 26 inch westenhouse tv led and the said they had to test it it would take a hour so my bf and i grabed lunch and came back and they said the tv didnot meet the testing . they said the hdmi ports didnot work .(which they do cause i have my laptop hooked up to one right no) and they also said there a burn in some were but i did not see where at the screen was complentely black no picture inbedded anywhere on it . load of crock

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